Western Digital Crams Two-Disk RAID Into Portable Thunderbolt Drive

The new MyPassport Pro from Western Digital is the world's first bus-powered portable hard drive to offer two disks with RAID capability for blazing fast, grab-and-go storage. Read More >>

Helium-Filled Hard Disks: Less Drag, More Storage

Western Digital is planning to launch a range of helium-filled hard drives. Not to make them lighter or higher-pitched, though: with a density one-seventh that of air, the gas reduces internal drag, in turn boosting performance. Read More >>

Of Course You Need a 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive with Two Thunderbolt Ports

The cloud's great, but sometimes you still need fast, humongous local storage. How fast and humongous? How about, say, 2TB at 10,000RPM with TWO Thunderbolt ports. Read More >>

Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo Lightning Review: A Giant Gorilla

Western Digital's inevitable Thunderbolt offering is missing solid state guts—and that hurts it a lot. But what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in capacity. It is an enormous vault, with more space than most humans will ever need. Read More >>

lightning review
Western Digital My Net N900 HD Lightning Review: A Router You Might Actually Get Excited Over

What if a router could make sure streaming movies and online games always get the bulk of your bandwidth, even if everyone else in your house is downloading a zillion porn movies? That's exactly what hard drive kingpin Western Digital claims to have done with its first router, the My Net N900 HD. Read More >>

The Western Digital TV Live Is Your iPlayer and Netflix Streaming-On-the-Cheap Deal of the Day

Remember when we all used to sit around the TV together as a family and there was only three channels, and they broadcasted the programmes so quietly that we all had to take turns holding the ear trumpet? Read More >>

Hard Disk Production Kick-Started Again After WD Thai Factory Dries Out

Good news for anyone looking to buying a hard drive or computer in the next year or so -- Western Digital has partially restored production at one of its manufacturing plants in Thailand, and expects to have all the water pumped out of a second within 10 days. Read More >>

1.5TB Western Digital Drive Is Your Raincloudy Deal of the Day

Cloud storage is all the rage these days, but do any of us know what we’re actually doing when we blindly send our data up into the cloudosphere, or whatever the hell they call it? Read More >>

Western Digital's HD Factory "Submerged" by Thai Flooding

One of the world's largest hard drive makers has emerged as another victim of the floods that've hit Thailand, with WD reporting that one of its Thai plants has been "inundated" by water and some equipment is currently underwater. Read More >>

WD TV Live Puts the Best Content in Your Computer on the Biggest Screen in Your House

Doesn't matter if you're looking at a slideshow of vacation photos, streaming a Netflix movie or watching that copy of Hurt Locker you totally didn't torrent, they all look better bigger. So why squeeze your media onto a little monitor when you can stream it to your big-screen with Western Digital's newest media players? Read More >>


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