How the World Would Look if Air Were Truly Transparent

For the purposes of this question, I'm going to assume that "truly transparent" means that air and its constituents are no longer able to absorb and re-radiate incident radiation, which in visible light seems to be our definition of transparency. To make things much more fun, let's make this true over all wavelengths. Read More >>

How FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than the Internet — and When That'll Change

If you're looking to trasnfer hundreds of gigabytes of data, it's still — weirdly — faster to ship hard drives via FedEx than it is to transfer the files over the internet. But why is that, and when will it change? Read More >>

How to Survive a Robot Apocalypse

When robots become sentient, it won't be long until they rebel. But while many a Hollywood movie may convince you that humans will have their luck cut out trying to battle the 'bots, there is an easier way: just add water. Read More >>

Xkcd Spawns New "What If?" Site to Answer All Your Burning, Insane Questions

Xkcd's one of our favourite web comics, but did you know the bloke behind it, Randall Monroe, is one smart cookie? He's launched a new site called "What If?" that'll answer all your weird and wonderful hypothetical questions with physics, every Tuesday. Read More >>


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