Facebook is Buying Oculus, the Future of Virtual Reality, for £1.2 Billion

For some completely inexplicable reason, Facebook has announced that it is buying Oculus VR—the future of virtual reality awesomeness—for $2 billion (£1.2 billion). What?! Read More >>

This WhatsApp Redesign Would Make Facebook's $16 Billion Buy Worth It

Whatsapp has been one of the most talked about start-up giants in recent memory. Building upon the most basic of mobile services, messaging WhatsApp has managed to monetise and evolve the service through cross platform integration and making it free (among many other things). Following the $16billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook I thought that this is a good as time as any to look at what this means for WhatsApp and what changes both aesthetic and functional might be implemented by it. Read More >>

Microsoft May Have Bought WhatsApp, But Not for $19bn, Says Gates

Facebook's astonishing big-money buy of WhatsApp seems to have won the admiration of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who admitted he sees the deal as being a solid one for Facebook, also suggesting that: "Microsoft would have been willing to buy it, too." Read More >>

A First Look at WhatsApp's Upcoming Voice Feature

Screenshots of what appears to be WhatsApp's upcoming 'Voice over IP' feature have made their way onto the web, sporting a layout very similar to iOS 7's native phone app. Read More >>

WhatsApp Purchase Challenged Over Privacy Concerns

Facebook's recent acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp took a great many people by surprise, and unsurprisingly a number of people have raised concerns about the implications the purchase will have on user privacy. This is Facebook, after all. A complaint filed with the US Federal Trade Commission has demanded that the deal be put on hold until Facebook can shed light on its plans for user data. Read More >>

How Zuckerberg Courted and Won WhatsApp

How do you woo one of the world's biggest messaging apps? Flirty emails, whisky and billions of dollars, as it turns out. Read More >>

WhatsApp is Adding Voice Calling, as Zuckerberg Says $19bn Was a Cheap Buy

If Facebook buying WhatsApp was all that was needed for the messaging service to add voice communication, then so be it -- especially if it's Skype-like. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg believes it's worth over $19bn to Facebook, believing it could be the first service to reach one billion users. Read More >>

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The $19 Billion WhatsApp Sale Was Planned Around an Airmiles Flight

You'd think that a $19 billion business deal would be a good reason to change your travel plans—after all, what's it to a billionaire? But according to WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, finalising the Facebook sale was organised around a plane ticket he couldn't change because it was booked with airmiles. Read More >>

Social Media "Lie Detector" Will Know if Celebrity X Really is Dead or Under Arrest for 1970s Sex Crimes

Did a funny thing really happen on the train today? Did your precocious child really make that amusing observation about Star Wars? Was actor and comedian Gary Wilmot really found dead in a hotel wardrobe with his shoelaces around his neck and a slice of orange in his mouth last night? An internet lie detector may soon be able to provide reassurances either way. Read More >>

BBC Typo Nightmare Described WhatsApp as a "Massaging Service"

Some poor late-night content generator for the BBC had a rather bad evening late yesterday, managing to describe WhatsApp as a massage service in a headline about the Facebook purchase. Sadly, Facebook hasn't pivoted into the sports injury or grim sauna sex business. If it had, we wouldn't mind it having our personal data so much. [Huffington Post] Read More >>

7 Other Things Facebook Could Have Bought for £9.5 Billion

Facebook announced yesterday that it's buying messaging app WhatsApp for the completely astounding sum of $16 billion plus $3bn in restricted shares (that's £9.5 billion + £1.8bn). That's clearly a lot of money. What else could the American company have done with such a gargantuan stack of cash? Here's an incomplete list. Read More >>

Why Facebook Was Smart to Spend $19 Billion on WhatsApp

Facebook has had its fair share of stumbles trying to get a handle on how to take over your phone. I mean, remember Facebook Home? But with its $19 billion purchase of messaging app WhatApp, it's now poised to own the best way to chat on a smartphone and win the kiddies back all at once. Read More >>

Text Messaging Fell Last Year as Modern Ways of Exchanging Words Exploded

The rise of Wi-Fi and 3G data messaging services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Google badgering everyone into using Hangouts has contributed to a fall in UK text messaging, with 2013 seeing UK text numbers drop for the first time since the SMS system arrived. Read More >>

Self-Love Portal Instagram May be Launching Direct Messaging Tools

It'll soon be much easier to make contact with those people you occasionally stalk on Instagram, thanks to a rumour that suggests the sandwich and sunset photography portal is about to bring direct messaging to its 200 million aggressively confident users. Read More >>

You Can Now Send Voice Messages With WhatsApp

The ever-growing instant phone-messaging juggernaut that is WhatsApp, has just smashed another nail into the coffins of network phone plans. You can now send unlimited-length voice messages to each other just like a digital walkie-talkie. It looks pretty slick too. Read More >>


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