Google's Piñata-Bashing Birthday Doodle: A Perfect Friday Time-Waster

Today marks the confluence of Google's 15th birthday (sort of). What's that mean for you? Every excuse to waste the day playing with the search giant's celebratory interactive piñata doodle. Have at it! Read More >>

18-Wheeler Crashes, Spills Hundreds of Bottles of Champagne on Highway

Take a look around you—because you will never forget where you were the day you heard about the Champagne Massacre of '13. Wednesday September 18th at around 2:30pm, a truck filled to the brim with bubbly fell over, split open, and got I-395 in Connecticut absolutely wasted. Read More >>

Best Thing Ever: Classic Calvin and Hobbes Scenes Animated into GIFs

Short of a few seconds of homebrewed animations here and there, we've never seen Calvin and Hobbes animated. That's fine—Bill Watterson's panels are more lifelike than a kabillion hours of most shows—but seeing it done right is enough to make your eyes fall out from happiness. Read More >>


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