Rumour: HTC First Might be the New "Facebook Phone"

A prolific Twitter tech spec leaker has published an image of a new smartphone going by the name HTC First, which, according to wild internet speculation we're happy to be part of, may well be the first proper Facebook phone to feature the social network's bespoke mobile software. Read More >>

HTC: Android Users are Pretty Lazy and Don't Bother Fiddling With Things

In a blog post describing some of the thinking behind the BlinkFeed combo widget that comes as part of its updated HTC Sense skin, HTC made some weird claims about Android users and their supposed lack of interest in actually using the features offered by their smartphones. Read More >>

7 Great Android Apps You Can't Get on the Kindle Fire

So, Amazon doesn't exactly highlight this, but all of its Kindle Fires are Androids on the inside. Amazon slaps a heavy skin on top, so it's not at all recognisable, but it's Android all the same. Great, so you get access to all of the Android apps, right? Not exactly. Read More >>

Microsoft: Kill All Your Gadgets. Now.

Windows Gadgets users beware, having that little weather indicator or stock ticker on your desktop could allow hackers to hijack your machine. Microsoft's issued a temporary fix that pretty much kills the information-toting widgets. Read More >>

Latest BlackBerry Leak Shows BB10 Widgets and Integrated Video Chat

The previously leaked BlackBerry 10, RIM's all-new phone and OS combo, has once more been exposed, with new images giving us a proper, hands-on look at how RIM's possible future BB will work. Read More >>


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