The US Military Wants to Turn its Drones into Flying Wi-Fi Hotspots

Not to be outdone by Facebook's vision of a drone internet, the US military is whipping up unmanned aerial Wi-Fi hotspots of its own. Unused drones from the war in Iraq are getting a second life as part of DARPA's Mobile Hotspots program. Read More >>

A Router Extender Is Your Wi-Fi Lengthener Deal of the Day

Wi-Fi is great, but then again, it isn't. Stuff gets in the way of our precious wireless internet -- useless stuff like doors and walls, and the signal rarely travels as far as the fancy words in the router blurb say it will. Read More >>

Does Apple Have Another Antennagate On Its Hands With the New MacBook Air?

According to reports from Apple employees and the assorted hordes of the internet, we're not the only ones having trouble with the Wi-Fi on the new MacBook Air. So, are we just holding it wrong, or have Ives and Co made a little whoopsie? Read More >>

Google Wants to Use Balloons to Cover the World in Wi-Fi

If you go deep inside the desert or climb a mountain or find yourself in the South Pole or a remote farm or any place that can be considered 'the middle of no where', guess what? You have no internet. Well, Wired is reporting that Google wants to change all that by sending high-altitude balloons into the stratosphere to give the world Wi-Fi. Whoa. Read More >>

Airplane Wi-Fi Is About to Suck Less

Wi-Fi in the sky is a wonderful idea, but unfortunately, it's painfully unreliable. Boeing has just developed a new calibration technology that will hopefully help make your Boingo better. Read More >>

Heads Up, London: Wi-Fi Will Be Landing In Black Cabs for Your Gangnam-Style Streaming Pleasure

You know what I like to watch on the way to meetings? Awesome motivational videos like this. You know what sucks? Having to watch the buffering symbol on my phone instead. If, though, you take a black cab to meetings in London (you fat cat you), your troubles could soon be at an end, with the traditional black cab now set to moonlight as a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Bring. It. On. Read More >>

EE Quietly Bumps Its 4G Mobile Broadband Plans By 3GB

If you can't stomach the thought of forking out for a 4G phone, then a portable hotspot or dongle is the next best thing, even with restrictive data caps. Now EE's given you a bit more data to play with, boosting the top cap from 5GB to 8GB. Still not plentiful, but better than nothing. Read More >>

How to Fix Your iPhone 5's Crappy Wi-Fi

The iPhone 5 is pretty good, and for most folks, its Wi-Fi is actually very good. It was in our tests. But a lot of people have been reporting in that the Wi-Fi is actually awful, and can't hold a signal at all. After some digging, we might have found an answer. Read More >>

Did iOS 6 Screw Your Wi-Fi? Here's How to Fix It

A lot of iPhone and iPad users who updated to iOS 6 have been reporting that the latest and greatest software update from Cupertino has screwed their iPhone and iPad's Wi-Fi connection. As in, they can't connect. Is this happening to you? Read More >>

This Guy Stomps Out 3G Hotspots at the Olympics

Portable Wi-Fi hotspots, powered by 3G, are banned at all the Olympic venues. But while that might sound like a hollow threat, this man makes sure it isn't, by sniffing out rogue Wi-Fi networks and shutting them down. Read More >>

The SWAT Team Gently Reminds a Girl to Secure Her Wi-Fi Network By Raiding Her House With Flashbangs

Here's a reminder that you should never, ever, ever have a Wi-Fi network without a password on it. Police in Indiana called up the SWAT team to raid an 18-year-old girl's house by smashing her front window and throwing two flashbangs inside because of her open Wi-Fi network. What the hell? Read More >>

Bloomberg: Microsoft Surface Will Be Wi-Fi Only

Microsoft's new Surface tablet looks like it could give the iPad stiff competition — but according to Bloomberg it won't be matching Apple's offering on every front. Their sources suggest that, initially at least, the Surface will only feature Wi-Fi, and no option for a mobile data connection. Read More >>

Porn Might Kill Off Our Free Public Wi-Fi

In a seriously worrying turn of events, a porn baron is suing two students over smut piracy, but only one of them is actually guilty. If the case gets through the courts it could spell the end of public Wi-Fi as the provider will be liable for anyone and everyone's mischievousness. Read More >>

Feel Free to Use London's Phone Boxes For Wi-Fi, If You Can Be Bothered

In today's society, everyone and their mothers (and their mother's mothers) owns a mobile phone of some sort, making one of the cornerstones of British culture essentially redundant to everyone (apart from the Doctor). So, with these red boxes taking up a bunch of room in the streets of London, why not make some use out of them? Spectrum Interactive is doing exactly that, by offering free access to Wi-Fi hot spots located in various phone boxes dotted around the capital. But there is a catch. Read More >>

Wi-Fi-Blocking Wallpaper Protects Your Web Fortress by Keeping Neighbours Out

Scientists from the institut polytechnique Grenoble INP and the Centre Technique du Papier have developed a novel new product so gratuitous, it almost seems necessary: a silver-crystal coated wallpaper that can block neighbours from freeloading off your Wi-Fi network. The silver crystals are arranged in such a way that they are able to block certain wireless frequencies including those of a Wi-FI router. Read More >>

Withings' New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby's Baby Fat

Withings new baby scale seems like a great idea for tracking babies weight. Plop the kid on the scale, and it wirelessly sends data to a Withings app, graphing it up just as prettily as your delightful little baby. Read More >>


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