The Wii Mini Will Run You £80 on March 22nd

It seems Nintendo's not exactly going for bargain basement with the new iteration of the aging Wii. The Wii Mini's UK street price is £80. Considering  you can pick up second hand, un-gimped Wiis for barely £50, I'm not sure why you'd ever buy this. [Amazon via Cnet] Read More >>

The Wii Mini Is Coming to the UK, Finally

Yes, that's right. The console, previously only available in Canada for some reason, is coming to the UK. We don't know how much it'll cost (probably about £60), but we do know that it'll be available come March 22nd. You know, just in case you don't already have a super-cheap Nintendo sitting under your goggle box, and aren't interested in the other Wii. [TechRadar] Read More >>

Is a £65 Wii Mini Worth It?

The Wii Mini will be available exclusively in Canada starting December 7 for 100 real Canadian dollars (65-quid). Yes, the most adorable product just for the most adorable country. Assuming someday it makes it to UK soil, would you buy it? Read More >>


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