Can a Nintendo Health Division Cure the Sickly Wii U?

Nintendo's got a new ten year plan, and while the company's struggling Wii U console business is still the priority, it has announced that health and fitness tech is increasingly going to be a focus point. Mario's going on a diet. Read More >>

This Zombi U Wii U Console Bundle is Your "BRAAAINS" Deal of the Day

We're not allowed to kill humans without fear of imprisonment or feeling really guilty about it. We can't kill monkeys that look like humans because we'd be labelled as monsters by animal rights activists. So, we have to make do with zombies because they don't have feelings. Read More >>

Only Four Per Cent of Devs Give a Crap About the Wii U According to GDC Poll

The Wii U just can't get a break at the moment. Not only is it struggling to keep the pace with sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, but now it can't even gain the attention of the very people who should be making games for it. Read More >>

Premium Duracell Batteries for Under £2 are Your "Don't Lick 'Em" Deal of the Day

Batteries are amazing things. You can power things with them. They fit perfectly into a child's nostrils. You can crack them like eggs and poison yourself. The possibilities are endless. And with that, you can show off to your neighbours by getting some expensive batteries, but you don't have to tell them how cheaply you bought them for. They'll think you're one of those rappers with your posh batteries. Read More >>

Wii U Fast Boot, Smartphone Services and Character Licensing Coming to Salvage Nintendo's Future

Besieged Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, who is currently being told how to run his business by millions of man-children on the internet, has come out with a plan of his own about how to save Wii U and Nintendo's future dreams. It includes a quicker boot option for Wii U, licensing out Nintendo characters and the fabled creation of content for other devices. Read More >>

We Can't Decide if Nintendo Should Port its Classics to Mobile or Not. Can You?

Nintendo isn't doing too great recently. With the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, its already-struggling Wii U console has failed to lure in enough next-gen gamers, and the company has been forced to slash its sales forecasts as a result. Read More >>

Mamma Mia! New Mario Game Can't Prevent Nintendo From Slashing Wii U Sales Expectations

Not even a highly-rated new Mario game and the fevered Christmas rush could help Nintendo's Wii U console sales from sliding further. Revealing its financial expectations for the year, Nintendo has now slashed its predicted Wii U sales from 9 million by the end of March to just 2.8 million. Read More >>

What the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U Tell Us About the Future of Consoles

Most pieces of technology—like smartphones, TVs, and even computers—are replaced by new models every six or twelve months. Game consoles, on the other hand, are meant to last for at least five years. Which means that every generation is a true milestone of UI, gaming, and industrial design. So what does the latest crop tell us about the state of the console? Read More >>

You Know What? I'm Getting a Wii U

In this corner, the Xbox One, with its (mostly) all-knowing Kinect. In the opposite, the PS4, with hardcore gamer cred to spare. If you listen to most pundits—including us!—that's the full reckoning of the battle for your console dollars. Me? I'm buying a Wii U. And maybe you should, too. Read More >>

A Life-Sized T-Rex Replica is Your "Who Needs DNA Cloning?" Deal of the Day

This big old world is filled with weird and wonderful people, so there's no telling what'll get your rocks off. Some people like the opposite sex. Some like the same sex. Some like both. Some like inanimate objects because they don't decay, argue with you or try and get off with their work colleagues. In fact, it is a wonder us humans haven't ditched each other altogether. Read More >>

Mamma Mia! Is a Nintendo Android Tablet the Last Piece of the Wii U / 3DS Triforce?

With its Wii U struggling to match the excitement around rival consoles the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo may be readying a new piece of hardware to buoy its flailing fortunes. Yep, Nintendo may be about to join the Android tablet race. Read More >>

A Wii U and Super Mario Bros U is Your Sub-200 Notes Deal of the Day

The scrap to get to the top of the console pile continues, and Nintendo is bringing out its big guns after having a bunch of games so tedious that it made the company look like Microsoft's minesweeper compared to everyone else's fancy announcements. Read More >>

A Stay in Luke Skywalker's Home Is Your Living-the-Star-Wars-Dream Deal of the Day

As anyone with a pulse surely knows, the Star Wars movies are coming back to haunt our heads soon, so today's offer gives you a chance to get closer to some of the action (well, the action of the first few films, unless it got destroyed in the first one, can't remember). Read More >>

Wii U a Global Flop as Nintendo Sells Just 160,000 in a Quarter

Nintendo would appear to be out of the home console war, thanks to an utterly miserable financial report revealing it sold just 160,000 Wii U machines last quarter. Around the entire world. Read More >>

ASDA Sounds the Wii U Death Knell

I would not want to be Nintendo right now. The Wii U is selling so badly that not even a £100 price cut helped. In fact, ASDA's just plain given up on the struggling console, ditching sales across its 555 stores. If not even ASDA can shift it, Nintendo's in serious trouble. Read More >>

Doing It Wrong: The Xbox One and PS4 Aren't the Consoles We Need

As E3 closes up shop for the year, we finally have a moment to reflect on a week of gorging ourselves on news about the continuing console war between Microsoft and Sony (and, uh, Nintendo). It's all very new and exciting news about the next half-decade of gaming, but in a lot of ways, it feels like the same old fight we've been having for decades now. It's time for something new. Read More >>


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