3D Printed Gun Tested Again, This Time it Self-Destructs in Police Hands

A new test print-'n-shoot of that controversial 3D printed gun has not gone quite as planned, with police in Australia printing up a pair of Liberators -- only to see one blow itself to pieces when fired for the first time. Read More >>

Oh Crap, the World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Successfully Test-Fired

Just days after revealing that he was working on a 100-per-cent 3D-printed weapon, Defence Distributed boss and scary sunglasses-wearer Cody Wilson appears to have successfully test-fired the 'Liberator' pistol, a gun made entirely out of plastic. Spiffing. Read More >>

"Wiki Weapon" 3D Printer Gun Ready for Testing

Defense Distributed is an odd idea for a company. It's a cooperative, non-profit organisation, designed to help create a blueprint for a 3D gun. It's the Wikipedia of death and terror. And it says it'll be ready to start testing its printable shooter before the end of the year. Read More >>


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