GCHQ Harvested IP Addresses of Wikileaks Visitors in Real-Time

Our GCHQ security service has been caught boasting about its spying expertise again, with files revealing that in 2012 it had the ability to monitor access to Wikileaks in real-time and pull in potentially identifying IP address data from visitors -- and the search terms used to find the site. Read More >>

Julian Assange Probably Won't Get Done by the US for Publishing Secrets on Wikileaks

The US Justice Department has said it's unlikely to push charges against Julian Assange for publishing leaked documents, as the freedom of speech laws that protect journalists also happen to cover Assange's Wikileaks enterprise. Read More >>

Assange Says Wikileaks Film is "Overwhelmingly Negative" and Based on a "Deceitful Book"

Even if he could, it's unlikely Julian Assange would want to watch Wikileaks dramatisation The Fifth Estate at the cinema this weekend, with an open letter from the Wikileaks man suggesting the film's a "toxic" creation that portrays everyone involved in a bad light. Read More >>

Teenager Spends £21,000 of His Dad's Money on Historic WikiLeaks Server

£21,000 is, on the face of it, a lot of money for a server. Especially when it's a Dell model from a couple years ago, and even more so when it's been bought by your conspiracy-nut son, using your credit card, without your knowledge. Read More >>

The WikiLeaks Server That Hosted Cablegate Is for Sale on eBay

Shopping for a new server? Want a piece of whistleblower history? Want to piss off Julian Assange? You can do all three of these things at once, if you buy the server that hosted hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks a few years ago. And it still works! Read More >>

Mullet-Wearing Julian Assange Sings the Classics

If you're done watching videos of Miley Cyrus, try this one. It's even more obscene and horrifying. It's Julian Assange singing, in a funny costume, trying to impress Australian voters with his sense of humour and vocal skills. Read More >>

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for crimes related to stealing government documents and sharing them with WikiLeaks. The sentence, handed down by Judge Denise Lind, is significantly less than the 60 years that the US government asked the Army colonel to hand down. Manning will also be dishonourably discharged from the military and will forfeit all pay and allowances. Read More >>

What Could Be In Wikileaks' Giant 349GB "Insurance" File?

Wikileaks has stirred up its share of trouble in its day, but it might be up to something more. The site's been posting links to a trio of encrypted files pretty insistently on Facebook, and one of them is a whopping 349GB. What's in there? Read More >>

Bradley Manning Is Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy

A military judge acquitted Bradley Manning of aiding the enemy and convicted him of five counts of violating the Espionage Act on Tuesday. The verdict marks the end of a three-year-long ordeal that began with Manning's arrest in Iraq and subsequent detainment in Kuwait and Quantico, Virginia. Read More >>

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The Fifth Estate Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Just Julian Assange, Isn't He?

DreamWorks has been working on its WikiLeaks film, The Fifth Estate, for a while now — and this trailer reveals that Benedict Cumberbatch plays a hugely convincing Julian Assange. Read More >>

Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt Had a Five-Hour Nerdy Chit Chat

A transcript released by Wikileaks shows that silky-smooth fugitive Julian Assange had a five-hour meeting with Google overlord Eric Schmidt back in 2011, with the Google man requesting the chat due to an interest in charting the formation and operation of Wikileaks in his forthcoming book. Read More >>

WikiLeaks Spills Its Biggest Ever Stash of Secret US Records

WikiLeaks has just released its biggest ever stash of formerly confidential information. Referred to as the "Kissinger Cables", they include 1.7 million diplomatic records from between 1973 and 1976. Read More >>

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange Is Just Plain Creepy

What you're looking at here is the first official still released from the Wikileaks movie, The Fifth Estate, with Sherlock himself portraying the embassy camper. There's quite the resemblance to a younger Assange here. He certainly looks creepy enough. Read More >>

Anonymous and Wikileaks in Lover's Tiff Over Partial Paywall

Members of the Anonymous hacking team and Wikileaks have taken to slagging each other off on Twitter, with the hackers angry that part of Wikileaks' content is now hidden behind a semi-restrictive software paywall. Read More >>

Will You Read Julian Assange's New Book?

Julian Assange has penned a new book about his worries over government control of the Internet and surveillance. Written along with Jacob Appelbaum, Jérémie Zimmermann and Andy Müller-Maguhn, it will be published in November. Assange explains: Read More >>

Shady WikiLeaks and Pirate Bay Web Host PRQ Has Been Raided

The Swedish web host PeRiQuito AB, PRQ, is one of the most controversial web hosts on the planet, valuing free speech so highly that it serves up web content for Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks and even sites like Yesterday, though, Swedish police paid a visit. Read More >>


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