I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This

I love Wikipedia, but too often the articles are just not that easy to read. It's not that my English isn't good enough. My English good. There is Simple English Wikipedia, but it doesn't cover as many topics and it's not as thorough. Read More >>

The Voices of Stephen Fry and Other Celebs to be Saved for All Times Through Wikipedia

Wikipedia's listings on the lives of notable public figures are the crowd-sourced saviours of many a history homework essay, but many are lacking in rich media. For the school students of the year 2050, things will be very different. Read More >>

Wikipedia's Adding Voice Recordings of Famous People

Imagine being able to hear the sound of a great historical figure's voice. It would add such richness to the facts and dates about her or his life. Starting today, Wikipedia will make that possible with the Wikipedia Voice Intro Project, adding short voice recordings to the online encyclopedia. And that's truly awesome. Read More >>

How I Became Gaming's Most Popular and Anonymous Photographer

I'm a very accomplished photographer. My photos have been in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, blogs, online videos, television and any other medium that you can think of. My work has been seen by millions and will be one of the most important resources for the history of video games. The only catch is that I'm almost never credited and don't get paid for it. Read More >>

Wikipedia Stung By Paid-For Promotional Entries

We all have a giggle when someone edits a Wikipedia page to say that Harry Styles was the seventh wife of Henry the VIII or some such prank, but there's now a newly uncovered dark-side to the go-to online encyclopedia. It seems some companies are paying to have favourable entries written about them, undermining the neutral accuracy the site aims to offer. Read More >>

Microsoft Wanted Google to Censor a Wikipedia Page About Microsoft

After asking Google to censor, Microsoft has given Google a copyright takedown request for a Microsoft Wikipedia page. Microsoft must want to scrub all mentions of itself on the Internet or something. It's the only sensible explanation for its vigilance! Read More >>

The 10 Most Internationally Controversial Topics on Wikipedia

Give a bunch of scientists a dataset like Wikipedia to play with, and it'll keep 'em amused for a long old time. Now, a team of researchers from Oxford University have mined the rich seam to work out the ten most internationally controversial topics on the online encyclopaedia. Read More >>

The Most Influential Movies of the Last Century According to Wikipedia

When it comes down to it, what makes a movie "good" is a matter of taste. Even bad movies have their fans. What makes a movie "influential" is a little easier to try and brute force. Especially when you have Wikipedia on your side. Read More >>

Watch the World Edit Wikipedia in Real Time

In the past few seconds, someone from Canada edited the Wikipedia page for The Hangover Part III while another person in Fresno, California tweaked the page for Armenian cuisine. It keeps on going. The world is constantly editing Wikipedia, whether it be for a 'List of Playstation 2 games' or 'Status of same-sex marriage' or 'Airbnb', we're all crowdsourcing our smartness. And you can watch where the world is getting smarter in realtime. Read More >>

French Secret Service Freaks Out About Seemingly Nonexistent Military Secrets On Wikipedia

French agents at the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (DCRI), apparently turning their attention to Wikipedia for the first time in years, demanded last month that the Wikimedia Foundation delete an entry about a military radio relay station written in 2009. Read More >>

What's the Weirdest/Most Bizarre Wikipedia Page You've Ever Found?

Given the right state of mind, enough time on your hands, and a can-do attitude, your casual Wikipedia browsing can quickly devolve into bizarre, horrifying, and very likely entirely fabricated black holes of information. Dark corners and seedy underbellies abound, making it virtually impossible to find all of the site's most curiously unsettling stores of information. Information, for example, like this, or this, or even this. Read More >>

The Biggest Wikipedia Traffic Spikes Since 2010 Prove We're All Morbid

Over the past three years, Wikipedia member West.andrew.g bas been analysing the weird and wonderful data traffic on the English-language Wikipedia. In the the latest edition of Wikipedia's community-managed newspaper, The Signpost, he's revealed the biggest traffic spikes on the site within that time—in the process proving that we're all morbid sports fan. Read More >>

Star Trek Nerds in Epic Online Battle Over Correct Word Capitalisation

There's a stonking nerd battle going on in the editor comments section of Star Trek: Into Darkness Wikipedia listing, where furious fans have so far penned 45,000 words on the subject of whether the "into" part of "Into Darkness" should be capitalised or not. Read More >>

Wikipedia's Most-Viewed Articles of 2012

While Google's Zeitgeist gives us a glimpse into the spur-of-the-moment searches we all made this year, Wikipedia's most viewed pages reveal what we actually felt a need to bone up on. Brace yourselves. Read More >>

Have You Ever Donated Money to Wikipedia?

Every so often, the great Internet resource that everyone uses Wikipedia starts asking people for donations. This year a gigantic morning pee-coloured banner pops up asking for a few bucks so the lights can stay on and we can all get free information. It's a great cause! Can you imagine the internet without Wikipedia? But have any of you guys ever donated? Read More >>


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