These Incredible Man-Made Highways are Built Just for Animals

Humans don't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to environmental stewardship, but that doesn't mean we aren't trying. Numerous projects around the world are working to rebuild lost habitats, protect vital wildlife highways, and regenerate lost populations. Here are a few man-made structures built on behalf of our four-footed brethren. Read More >>

Redesigning US Cities and Highways to Help Feed Monarch Butterflies

Corn fields have taken over the midwest, for example. As a New York Times piece details, 17,500 square miles of land have been converted from federal conservation reserves to farmland since 2007. Overall, the rate of grasslands turning into fields is "comparable to deforestation rates in Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia," according to one study. On top of that, farmers have shifted habits to use more herbicides, wiping out the the milkweed that once grew between crop rows and fed caterpillars. Read More >>

Wildlife Photography Supergrass Claims the BBC Fakes Most Baby Mammal Shots

Those cute wildlife documentary images of baby things nestling up to their mummies are likely to be faked, according to a former BBC photographer, who claims the majority of shots of extremely young mammals are filmed in sets, zoos, and custom enclosures, then spliced in with real-world outdoor footage. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When a Lion Steals Your Camera

We all worry from time to time about having our tech stolen. But when Ed Hetherington travelled to Zimbabwe for a wildlife photography adventure, he probably didn't expect to have his camera snatched by a lion. Read More >>

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This Devilish Alligator Has Not Been Photoshopped

This stunning picture of an alligator looks like it's been photoshopped. Amazingly, it's not been manipulated at all—which is why it's snagged a prize in the UK Natural History Museum's wildlife photographer of the year competition. Read More >>

You Won't Believe How Amazing This Wildlife Photography Contest Winner Is

Wildlife photography can be grueling, tedious work, but the payoff sometimes means you get something as amazing as this British Wildlife Photography Awards winner. It's of gannets (birds), diving into the sea off the coast of north Scotland. And it's just breathtaking, isn't it? Read More >>

Seen a Load of Owls Flying About Recently? It's All Harry Potter's Fault

Apparently Britain is positively overflowing with owls that have been turfed out of their homes. Potter fans that fell in love with the wizard's mail-delivering pet owl, Hedwig, all went out and bought one. Now that Potter's all done and dusted the poor owls are getting dumped too. Read More >>

Exotic Wild Animals Are on the Loose in Ohio, Police Asking People to Protect Themselves With Twitter

Over in the States -- Ohio, to be exact -- a town has been shut down because exotic wild animals, such as bears, tigers, lions, cheetahs, wolves and other wildlife are running amok. Police have been hunting down these animals throughout the night and have killed about 30 out of the 48 animals on the loose. Read More >>


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