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Nokia Lumia 800 Lightning Review: A Wolf In the N9's Clothing

It's finally here -- the Lumia 800, Nokia's first step into the world of Windows Phone 7. Is it the phone we've all been waiting for? Will it pull the company out of its perceived downward spiral? It might just. Read More >>

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Nokia Says the Next Version of WP7 Will Have the Big Features

Many people -- myself included -- have been pretty judgmental about Nokia's first WP7 phones. Rather than come out with guns ablazin' today, making the other manufacturers envious of their partnership with Microsoft, we'll have to wait for the next WP7 update, codenamed Apollo, to see the true extent of their relationship. Read More >>

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Nokia Drive on WP7 Is Missing Several Key Features

If you take just one thing away today from Nokia's announcements, it's that Microsoft has done well securing its first turn-by-turn navigation system in the form of Nokia Drive. But during my hands-on demo with the Lumia 800, I discovered something startling -- it won't ship with live traffic; offline map caching nor previous locations. Gulp. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Are the Windows Phone 7 Mobiles...You Expected

Nokia's long-awaited Windows Phone 7 handsets have been invited into our houses, sat down, and given a thorough introduction today, after months (years! it felt like years!) of rumours and leaks. The Lumia 800, previously known as the N800, previously known as Sea Ray, is the colourful flagship, which comes with Nokia Drive navigation and Nokia Music for downloads and radio-streaming. Read More >>

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What You Need to Know About Nokia's Windows Phones

We're all pulling for Windows Phone. Have been for a while. Thing is, it's just not there yet. There's no single drop-dead-amazing god-phone on the platform. Yet. Hopefully, Nokia's going to be pulling back the curtain on just that next week at Nokia World. Here's what we (think we) know so far. Read More >>

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Windows Phones Should Be a Lot Cheaper Next Year

Microsoft's finally getting serious about making Windows Phone a legit mobile contender, and it's going to do it by making them way cheaper and easier to produce. Ballmer's boys are working with Qualcomm to get prices per phone under £125, less than half of the £255 they cost to build last year. Read More >>

Nokia's Holding Back the Years With a Facebook Timeline O' Phones

We all had one. A Nokia phone I mean, not a Simply Red album -- though if anyone's willing to share their guilt, I will confess to owning Stars. Created to lubricate our hearts prior to next week's big WP7 unveil, Nokia's Facebook timeline is a vault of memories for everyone. Read More >>

WP7 President Calls Android a Too-Many-Cooks Product

Andy Lees, President of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, called out Android in an interview with The Seattle Times as feeling like "you've had several cooks in the kitchen trying to bake different things with the same thing." Read More >>

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Windows Phone Finally Has a Web Marketplace

It's already a big day for Windows Phone with Mango due out today. And now the web version of its app marketplace is live, giving the platform a way to browse and find apps outside of the Zune client. Read More >>

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Nokia's Company-Saving Windows Phones Still Launching This Year

They've always been adamant that their first crop of Windows Phone 7 handsets will be plucked from the ground late-2011, and according to their official Twitter account, there's no sign of delay 'round their Finnish blocks. Read More >>


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