You Can Finally Get BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone 8

Good news Windows Phone 8 users -- the BBC's finally released an iPlayer app for you all. Unfortunately WP7 users are left out in the cold, but those of you rocking Microsoft's latest can grab it now for free, so you'll have something good to shove on your shiny new Lumia 925 when it arrives. Read More >>

Yep, Windows Phone 9 Should Be Out Before Summer Next Year

If you were in any doubt that Microsoft's forging ahead with rapid Windows Phone iterations, this little snippet should put that to rest. Windows Phone 8 support will be canned by July 2014. Microsoft best have a new version for us by then, eh? Just make sure it's not 8.5 because that's a bit lame these days. [Microsoft via Plaffo via The Register] Read More >>

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The Next Big Windows Phone Update Is (Probably) Coming For Christmas

Microsoft has been pretty quiet about its long term plans for the Windows 8 ecosystem, but its job board has been pretty loud-mouthed. First, it hinted at the plan for Windows Blue, and now a new posting indicated that the next big thing for Windows Phone is probably going to show up at the end of this year. Read More >>

Nokia's 520 and 720 Help Pad Out the Lumia Cornucopia On the Cheaper End of the Scale

Along with a couple of low-end phones we won't bore you about, Nokia showed off the Lumia 520 and 720 at MWC today. That smaller-numbered device is actually Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone 8 offering, with the 720 being slightly higher up on the food chain, somewhere between the 620 and 820. Read More >>

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Everything Wrong with Windows Phone 8, Illustrated in One Single App Update

The Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 8 got an update today. It's a good one, too, fixing the awful three-sided letterboxing and giving the app a more Metro-y tile. But it's massively late, and tripped over itself coming out the gate, too. In a way, it's a perfect encapsulation of everything that's wrong with Windows Phone 8 so far. Read More >>

Asus Threatens to Launch a Windows Phone 8 Padfone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Asus is in talks to license Windows Phone 8. Don't get too excited, though, because the Taiwanese manufacturer thinks its doomed Padfone is the ideal vehicle for the OS. Read More >>

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Windows Phone 8 Has The Funniest Error Ever

A Windows Phone 8 error that asks you to put in your Windows installation disc and restart the computer. It sounds too funny to be true, right? Apparently it's not. According to some digging by WMPoweruser, it's rare, but real. Read More >>

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HTC and Nokia's New Models Turning the Tide for Windows Phone

We never thought we'd use the words "stock shortages" and "Windows Phone" in the same sentence, but that is indeed the situation currently hitting HTC, with high demand for its new 8S and 8X Windows Phone model causing it to run out of phones. Nokia, meanwhile, is said to be "happy" with sales of its newest Lumias, as public opinion (aided by Microsoft's £25m marketing spend) warms to WP. [Mobile Today via WMPoweruser] Read More >>

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Do You Think the Nokia Boss Hinted at Them Moving to Other Platforms In the Future?

This Monday we published Nokia's boss Stephen Elop's words on his company's commitment to Windows Phone 8. Elop said that they are not ruling anything out, even while they are supporting Microsoft right now. Read More >>

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Nokia Boss: "Today We are With Microsoft, But Anything is Possible"

Gizmodo es Español reports on some surprising words by Nokia big chief Stephen Elop. Asked about a potential Android phone in Nokia's near future, Elop said that "anything is possible": Read More >>

Google: We Don't Plan to Build Apps for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8

If you've been holding out for a Gmail or Drive app on Windows Phone 8 or full Windows 8, you're all outta luck. Google has announced that it has no plans to roll out Windows 8 software for the major Google apps. Read More >>

Nokia's New Lumia 620: Windows 8 on the Cheap

If you want Windows Phone 8 but are scrabbling for cash, Nokia might have the answer. It just announced its new entry-level handset, the Lumia 620, at a show in Paris — and it's squarely targeted at the budget end of the market. Read More >>

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Microsoft Solves Windows Phone 8's Random Rebooting Problem

After users reported that their Windows Phone 8 handsets were randomly rebooting, Microsoft claims to have found the cause of the problem — and is planning to roll out an over-the-air update in December. Read More >>

Here's What to Do if Your Tech Gets Nicked By Violent Scumbags

A couple of days ago, I just happened to be in one of the less salubrious parts of London, and had the misfortune of being the victim of a rather violent mugging. Though the actual rolling-around-on-the-floor-getting-kicked part was over pretty quickly, I've been struggling to get my life back in order ever since. He's a checklist of stuff to do if the same happens to you. Read More >>

Is Your Windows Phone 8 Handset Randomly Rebooting?

The earliest of early adopters have now been using Windows Phone 8 for almost three weeks — and it seems that there may be a few teething problems. In particular, some users are reporting infuriating random reboots and some battery life issues. Read More >>

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Skype For Windows Phone 8 Now Available (With Background Notifications, Too)

While the lack of Spotify and Instagram apps has meant I've not changed over to Windows Phone 8 myself, if you're equally as addicted to Skype, then you've got no reason not to switch platforms, as an early preview version of the VoIP app is available from today. Read More >>


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