Windows RT Jailbroken to Run Desktop Apps

Windows RT has been hacked to allow desktop apps to run on Microsoft's ARM-based OS. The trick circumvents a setting which usually restricts ARM-based apps to Microsoft's built-in ones, so that unsigned desktop apps can also be installed. The Verge explains: Read More >>

Dropbox Is Finally on Windows 8 'Modern UI'

Hooray, the Microsoft Surface just got slightly more useful. A Dropbox app for Windows 8's Metro modern UI is finally available. If you've got true Win 8 on your machine, I'm guessing you've already got the x86 Windows Dropbox app, but now you can have two. Awesome? [Windows Store] Read More >>

Report: Nokia's Windows RT Tablet Will Have a Surface-Like Keyboard Cover

According to a report from The Verge, Nokia's going to out its own Windows RT tablet early next year. That's fine; it would be weirder if it didn't. But what's a little less expected is that the company's elves are hard at work on creating a keyboard cover of their very own. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Want a Microsoft Surface? You Can Now Buy Them From John Lewis

Despite it being the Surface packing the worst of Windows 8's mixed-up UI (desktop Office, really?), without the benefits of being able to, you know, actually run Windows applications, the Windows RT-packing Surface could be your perfect tablet. Maybe. Now you can actually buy one in the UK, on the High Street too. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8 Has a Secret, Hidden Start Menu

Lots of people have bemoaned Windows 8 for ditching the traditional start menu for the big, tile-based 'start screen'. Hell, Samsung's even bundling an app that gives you a classic start menu with new machines. But there is a start menu, of sorts, hidden within Windows 8. You just need to know where to look. Read More >>

Man Sues Microsoft Instead of Just Sticking an SD Card Into His Surface

OK, it's a bit odd that the 32GB Surface actually only turns up with 16GB of space, because Windows RT takes up half of it, but suing Microsoft? Really? Why don't you just stick an SD in there and call it a day? What's wrong with you? Read More >>

microsoft surface
Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface's Storage

So this is surprising, and kind of dumb. Microsoft just put a final figure on the storage numbers for Windows RT: 16GB on the 32GB model, and 18GB on the 64GB model. That's even bigger than the already hefty 12GB estimates that had been around before. Read More >>

Microsoft Offers £50 of Credit for Delayed UK Surface Tablet Orders

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle and is trying to buy its way out, as usual, offering £50 of shopping credit to anyone who hasn't received their Windows RT Surface hardware on the claimed launch day. Read More >>

apps of the week
Windows RT Apps Of The Week: Netflix, Firefox, and More

This week was a Microsoft bonanza. A new operating system and new hardware means new apps. So joining the best apps of the week roster is a new batch of titles meant for RT. Inside, you'll find a lot of apps you know and love, all ready for your new Surface tablet. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Is Technological Heartbreak

Surface was the single biggest genuine tech surprise of the year so far. Microsoft tantalised us with a tablet that made the iPad look stale. Its snap-on keyboard made all laptops look immediately old fashioned. And it promised The Future of Computers. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Surface Touch Cover 'Making Of' Video Posted by Proud Dads at MS

Microsoft has uploaded a half promotional, half educational video about the Microsoft Surface's clever (but expensive) new Touch Cover keyboard, letting us see some of the thinking behind the QWERTY hard-cover combo. Read More >>

windows 8
Asus Vivo Tab HD Review: A Windows 8 Tablet Is Here, but What Do We Do With It?

When Microsoft first announced its plans to make Windows 8 an operating system that would work on tablets and traditional PCs alike, many considered the plan ambitious. Now that the OS is here, the Vivo Touch HD is the first third party, ARM-based tablet to take the software for a spin. And while it's a fully functional product that works, it's still not ready to sway the naysayers. Read More >>

windows 8
What Windows RT Can't Do

You probably know that Windows 8 comes in two different versions — Basic x86 Windows (this is what you use now) and Windows RT. They have similar names. They look the same. But there are serious differences between the two — ones you should know about before you plunk down your cold hard cash on a Microsoft tablet. Read More >>

microsoft surface
How to Boost Your "Sales" Figures -- Give All Your Employees Windows 8 Tablets

This sure is awesome, well, if you're a Microsoft employee anyway. It looks like, if you're the proud owner of a Microsoft employee ID card, you'll be getting a free Surface RT tablet for use at work and home, courtesy of your crazy CEO, Steve Ballmer, himself. Read More >>

Lenovo Says RT Tablets Will Be Nearly £200 Cheaper Than Windows 8 Counterparts

Lenovo isn't too fussed about Microsoft's Surface, even going as far ahead to prep their own Windows RT device, and this is probably why. According to the company, RT tablets are going to cost quite a bit cheaper than their Windows 8 counterparts, in fact, up to £190 cheaper, making it a more lucrative and cheaper entry point for consumers. Read More >>

Windows Surface RT Tablets To Be Lighter and Thinner Than the iPad

Microsoft's new Surface tablets were announced with a whole bunch of hype, but the specs of the things have been practically non-existent. Now, some details have come out about the Surface RT tablets, revealing that they'll not only be thinner and lighter than the iPad, but also play HD video for 13 consecutive hours. Read More >>


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