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Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Gloriously Good Enough

Windows 8.1's recent update was a subtle but effective boost. Windows Phone's 8.1 power up follows the same cues. It's not mind-blowing, it's not world-changing, it's nothing to jump around and scream about, but it turns Windows Phone into something it's never quite been before: an OS that's totally good enough. Read More >>

Photographer Reveals the Secret of the Windows XP Desktop Image

Charles O'Rear is the photographer who took Bliss, the image that became the desktop of every single Windows XP computer in the world. Billions saw it and probably think the photo is so perfect and colourful that it is computer generated—or at least Photoshopped. O'Rear reveals the origin of the photo in this video. Read More >>

Has Your Back Window Got a Worse View Than This?

A company that makes window blinds had the genius idea of running a competition to see who has the most miserable view from their window, pulling in some cracking photos of the industrial decay, unkempt gardens and suburban sprawl those who entered get to enjoy on a daily basis. Read More >>

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How to Make the Switch from Windows XP

As of Tuesday, the venerable Windows XP operating system is going kaput. Microsoft is pulling update support for the OS, leaving it vulnerable to rapidly mutating cyber threats. There's precious little time to make sure your computer isn't left to the wilds of the Internet. Here's how to make the jump to the modern era of personal computing. Read More >>

The Best New Windows 8.1 Features in 8 GIFs

Windows 8.1 just got an update. The changes are mostly tiny but also great. In fact there so small you might even miss a few when they start rolling out next week, so we've wrangled our favourites into this series of handy GIFs. Read More >>

Windows 8.1 Hands-On: Terrific Tweaks for the Mouse Faithful

Windows 8.1 did a whole bunch to make Windows 8 feel more homey by tweaking tiny fit and finish issues. It worked very well. The next Windows 8.1 update (creatively called "Windows 8.1 Update") is pretty much the same thing all over again, but this time with mouse-users specifically in mind. And after trying it out we can say that once again, little tweaks really add up. Read More >>

Windows is Now Free for Smaller Devices

Windows is now free for devices with screens smaller than nine inches. And when there's a Windows for "internet of things" connected devices, that'll be free too. Read More >>

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Surprise: The Windows Start Menu is Coming Back

Miss the Start Menu? Well it is coming back. Yes it still has live tiles, but it is back in a way you can recognise, and it roll out to users as an update. Oh and those universal apps
Microsoft is going to start peddling? They'll be available in windows. Read More >>

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Windows 8.1 is Getting Universal Apps That Work on Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox One (Updated)

It's a moment we've been waiting for for a long time. No, Microsoft's various operating systems are not merging quite yet, but they're about to get universal apps that work across all devices. Read More >>

Windows Phone 8.1's Cortana is Google Now Plus Siri

Today at the Build Developer Conference, Microsoft is showing off the newest version of its phone OS, Windows Phone 8.1. And now, Windows Phone finally has a notification centre, and its own personal assistant: Cortana. Read More >>

Cold Call Scammer Convicted for Scaring Windows Users Into Paying for Software

Hooray! One of the people behind the "Your computer is leaking personal information" phone scams has been convicted, with Mohammed Khalid Jamil earning a four-month suspended jail term for hiring call centre staff to trick unaware Windows users into paying for bogus malware protection. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft and Google are Crushing the Dual-OS Dream

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Intel's grand plans to stuff Android and Windows into the same tablet have hit a brick wall: neither Google nor Microsoft want hardware to sport the competitor's OS alongside their own. Read More >>

My Strategy for Saving Microsoft: Windows 98-Style Desktop Themes

At this year's Build conference in April, Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows 9. After dividing its audience with Windows 8, I have one suggestion for the new OS: bring back the Windows 98 desktop themes. Seriously. Just look how amazing they were... Read More >>

Rumour: Microsoft is Considering a Free Version of Windows 8.1

If you can't make people buy your new OS, why not give it away for free? At least, that's what Microsoft is thinking of doing with Windows 8.1, according to rumors. Read More >>

Microsoft Will Roll Out a Windows 8.1 Update by Spring

While Windows 8.1 was only released in October, Microsoft's already confirmed an update is heading to users sometime around spring. Based on customer feedback, users can expect to see the start screen updated with discoverable search, power and settings buttons, plus easy app launching and multi-tasking from the taskbar. Read More >>

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Is This Samsung’s First Windows Phone 8.1 Handset?

Nokia may be readying its own Android phone, but it also looks like Samsung could be working on its own Windows Phone 8.1 device, too—at least if this Evleaks post is to be believed. Read More >>


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