Giant Cask Wine Sculpture Considered "Art" Down Under

Cottesloe Beach, where I spent many of my summers back in Perth, has been festooned with a, um, sculpture depicting one of Australia's most-loved -- and mocked -- inventions, the cask wine bag. Or "goon juice," if you're from down under. Read More >>

Why Astronauts Were Banned From Drinking Wine in Outer Space

The story behind NASA's brief embrace of extraterrestrial sherry is a curious one. In the early seventies, the agency's focus was shifting from short, Moon focused missions to possibility of longer term inhabitation of space. A revamped menu was among the most pressing challenges: food on the Gemini and Apollo programs came in dehydrated cube form, or squeezed from a pouch, and was universally regarded as inedible. Read More >>

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tubes Save Vineyards From Grape-Stealing Birds

The tension between grape growers and hungry birds is at an all-time high. Standard-issue scarecrows have proven ineffective. Air cannons no longer startle. It's time to call in the secret weapon. Summon the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men. Read More >>

The Discovery of a 3,700 Year Old Cellar Reveals the Origins of Wine

Wine is old as hell and probably came from Israel, based on the discovery of a 3,700 year old cellar in the city of Tel Kabri. What did the wine of the 1700 BC taste like? Accounts range from "medicinal" to "hints of cinnamon."
The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have the story of a team from George Washington University, which uncovered 40 one metre tall jars containing what was once wine. Although the wine itself wasn't preserved, lab results from organic residue revealed that it was very likely the familiar fermented liquid made from grapes. Read More >>

Cat Wine (Yep, Wine For Cats) Is a Real Thing in Japan

If you're fed up with your cat drinking all of your Blue Nun while it's tucking into its evening's helping of Whiskers, your bereft-of-booze blues may be about to draw to a close. Finally, finally, someone's made a bottle of wine just for cats. Read More >>

How a Total Accident Saved the French Wine Industry

Amy Harmon's excellent, recent article in the New York Times describes how the Florida orange juice industry may soon be wiped out because of a new bacterial disease spread by an introduced insect. It looks like there could be a technology fix for the problem using genetic engineering. The question is whether the growers will get to apply that solution. Read More >>

The "Smell" of Tainted Wine Is Actually Your Nose Going Numb

Wine lovers dread "cork taint," the mildewy, wet-basement-full-of-old-newspapers odour that ruins a freshly-opened bottle of wine. But the chemical responsible for cork taint's foul smell may actually work by numbing your nose's scent receptors. Huh? Read More >>

Kindly Vicar Swaps Wine for Grape Juice to Make Alcoholics Welcome

A considerate local vicar has risked incurring the wrath of God for daring to alter the communion ritual, by offering grape juice instead of wine so the alcoholics in his congregation don't feel left out of the church's free food and drink ritual. Read More >>

Instantly Sound Like You Know What You're Talking About With Wine

If you're not a regular wine-drinker, or even if you are but aren't a connoisseur past the £5 section of your local Tescos, then knowing what all the different types of wine, glass and colouring are is difficult. In fact, it's hard to sound like anything other than an idiot when it comes to the ancient booze. Until, that is, you've checked out this instant beginner's guide. Read More >>

You'd Be Crazy Not to Buy This Straitjacketed Wine

Picking out the right bottle of wine to take to a dinner party is too often a tough task, so many people go with the pick-the-pretty-label approach. And of course, you want to send the right message. With Vino Loco, that message is loud and clear: You crazy. Read More >>

happy hour
Which Glass to Use for Which Drink and Why

You're going to have some friends over for a cocktail housewarming party. No problem, you think to yourself, I'll just pick up some glassware on my way home. You get to the shop, and panic sets in. It's an absurd, transparent cornucopia of tumblers and flutes and who knows what else, in every conceivable shape and size. You weren't prepared. Pay attention now, and you will be. Read More >>

Wine Bottles Can Perch On Any Wall Now

If there's one thing you might actually want in your face or protruding into your kitchen, it's a bottle of wine. An aggressive reminder to take a load off is always welcome. And these wine holders can be arranged so the bottles form any shape you want. Read More >>

Refuse to Drink Wine From Anything But These Crazy Anatomical Carafes

Next time someone offers you a glass of wine, refuse unless its presented from a carafe as incredibly attractive as this. Read More >>

These Adorable Animal Wine Racks Will Make Getting Drunk Feel So Cute

These wine racks are incredibly simple but absolutely adorable in its design. Made out of wood, the wine racks have the shape of animals with a body of a wine bottle. You can see an elephant, a penguin, a reindeer and a dog. I want them all. They would be perfect in my non existent winter cabin. Read More >>

A Modular, Fully Customisable Wine Rack For Every Type of Drinker

Regardless of whether you're a sommelier-hopeful or simply a diligent lush, you're going to need a wine rack to match your distinct, personal tastes and—er, volume. This is exactly what makes the completely customisable and optionally mountable Nucleus wine rack from Thijs Goossink so fantastic. Read More >>


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