10-Gigabit Wi-Fi is Promised by 2015

Think your 802.11ac Wi-Fi is fast? Think again: Quantenna Communications has announced that it's working on a chipset due 2015 that will supports speeds of up to a staggering 10 Gbps. Read More >>

Report: Google Wants to Become a Network

Google bosses are dreaming about adding wireless services to the search giant's menu of offerings, in the US at least. A couple of unnamed sources "who have discussed the matter with Google" told Amir Efrati at The Information that it would roll out the service in the same areas where Google Fiber is offered. In other words, Google wants it all. Read More >>

New Gesture-Recognition Tech Lets You Control Your Phone in Your Pocket

Wouldn't it be cool if you could skip to the next track without taking your phone out of your pocket—or without touching anything at all? Or if you could adjust the thermostat with the flick of a wrist? You may soon be able to thanks to new gesture-recognition technology. It doesn't even require batteries! Read More >>

Rumour: Apple's Smartwatch Could Use Wireless Charging and Solar Power

The New York Times reports that Apple is researching new technologies to charge its products—and it could see its smartwatch come equipped with solar charging capabilities. Some day. Read More >>

Hands On Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound Essence: A Light-Switch For Music

We can all be a little OCD about our music sometimes. We want to listen to just the right thing, and we're happy to go search through our phones or computers to find it, then connect it to our stereo, and play it. Other times, we simply want to put some music on. Something we like, and if it's not easy, we're not going to do it. The BeoSound Essence from Bang and Olufsen is all about the second scenario. Read More >>

Linksys Revives a Classic Design For Its Newest Wireless Router

Linksys' WRT54G is considered to be the best selling wireless router of all time. And its iconic black and blue design has become synonymous with such hardware—just look at the image used on this generic wireless router Wikipedia page. Read More >>

LaCie's Fuel Tank is Filled With 1TB of Wireless Storage

Even if you've splurged on the most capacious smartphone or tablet you can find, at one point you're still going to run out of storage space. And in lieu of constantly swapping tiny memory cards, LaCie's new Fuel offers a full terabyte of storage that's available to your mobile devices via a direct wireless connection. Read More >>

Bluetooth is Getting an Intelligence Boost to Save Your Battery

Since Bluetooth was given an overhaul in 2010 with the 4.0 standard, it's surged in popularity, being used in everything from wireless speakers to smartwatches. Now, the connection is getting a shot in the arm—and it should help save your battery. Read More >>

Bose SoundTouch Is a Simple, Sonos-Like Wireless Music System

Today, Bose is announcing SoundLink, a combination of hardware and software aimed at making the easiest, most seamless wireless music system ever. It's a direct shot at Sonos's excellent system from one of the most recognisable names in consumer audio. But can Bose catch up with the popular and excellent Sonos has been building up for a decade? Read More >>

Shoddy Home Internet Set-Ups Waste Enough Bandwidth to Power iPlayer for 59 years

Crappy wiring, half-broken filters and poorly set-up routers are some of the more obvious reasons people off a less technically adept nature suffer slow broadband connections, with the wasted bandwidth enough to run the BBC's iPlayer service to everyone for 59 years. Read More >>

Google Knows the Wi-Fi Passwords of All Android Users

A new privacy fuss is kicking off around Google's Android mobile OS, with security boffins claiming that the software's backup tools mean that a copy of everyone's Wi-Fi password history is now saved to Google's servers. Which may mean it could be legally compelled to hand them out, should a government come calling. Read More >>

PayPal Beacon is Your Always-On Money Handing Out Tool

PayPal's stuck another clever little location-aware payment option into its smartphone app, with the Beacon tool letting users pay for items without even having to sigh and pull a mobile out of a pocket. Read More >>

Qualcomm's AllPlay Might be the Android AirPlay We've Been Waiting For

There might soon be another media streaming tech spec listed on the boxes of Qualcomm-powered Android hardware, thanks to the chip specialist revealing its new AllPlay wireless music streaming format. Read More >>

Resourceful Slacker Jams an Entire Airport Network to Get Off Work

If you're an employee at Newark Liberty Airport you're being tracked constantly throughout the workday. Which is great for security sure, but significantly less great if you need a little you time (slackers). In order to combat this little hurdle one New Jersey man named Gary Bojczak decided to take matters into his own hands this past August, by jamming Newark's entire satellite based tracking system.
Investigators noticed there might be a problem when Bojcazk came rolling up to work with a truck that was "emanating signals within a restricted frequency band used by the augmentation system." Apparently, the truck's on board GPS jammer wasn't only stopping Bojcazk's boss from tracking him down, it was even interfering with the airport's take off and landing signals. Which as you can imagine got the FCC in a bit of a huff. Read More >>

8 Amazing Uses For Metamaterials, the Tech Behind Invisibility Cloaks

Metamaterials are a mind-bending class of matter. Broadly defined as manmade materials with unusual properties not found in nature, this category of materials is probably most famous for serving as the building blocks for a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak. But so much more is possible. Read More >>

Courtrooms Going Wireless in £160m Attempt to Eradicate Paperwork

The next time you're hauled up in front of local magistrates for not paying your council tax or setting fire to your peanuts, the judges may be looking a little more distracted than usual thanks to plans to digitise the UK's courtrooms. Read More >>


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