Mathematical Proof That Growing Old Means Getting Boring

What happens when you crunch a heap of Facebook data with one of the most sophisticated computational tools in the world? Mathematical proof for the myriad ways your life gets boring as you get older. That's right, as you get older, you're going to spend even more time whining about the weather and the government and less time thinking about important things like video games. Read More >>

Meet the Twitter Bot That Can Answer All Your Questions

Remember SmarterChild? That AIM bot that would answer all/most of your questions and get huffy and stop talking to you when you inevitably started swearing at it? Unfortunately SmarterChild is still dead and gone, but it's got a Twitter descendant: @DearAssistant. Read More >>

Wolfram Alpha Will Tell You Even More About Your Facebook Page Than You Ever Knew

Wolfram Alpha, the true know it all on the Interwebs, introduced a ridiculously detailed Facebook report complete with statistical insights about how many links, photos, and updates you ever posted on your page last year. Today, Wolfram Alpha is adding even more detail to its Facebook report so you can learn more about how you book the face. Read More >>

Wolfram Alpha Will Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Facebook Page

Go here and type "facebook report." What you get in return is a treasure trove of statistical insights about your Facebook profile, which is certain to send you into a narcissistic spiral you're certain to never recover from. Read More >>

Wolfram Alpha Pro Arrives Tomorrow With the Power to Analyse Data and Graphics

Wolfram Alpha may or may not be one of my favourite things in tech right now. It'll spew movie times; compare football stats; help you cheat in Words With Friends and tell you exactly what aeroplane you're staring at in the sky. And now with tomorrow's arrival of Wolfram Alpha Pro, the company, in its founder's words, begins "step 2." Read More >>

Ever Wonder Where That Plane Flying Over Your Head Is Going?

You're laying on a grassy knoll, staring at clouds, thinking about puppies and wondering if Becky and/or Brian Jones will go with you to the autumn dance. Then a plane flies overhead. You wonder where it'll end up. But you no longer have to wonder: Wolfram Alpha will tell you. Read More >>


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