X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Pits Mutant Pensioners Against Their Younger, Hairier Selves

Fassbender versus McKellan, Stewart versus McAvoy; young Magneto versus old Magneto, young Professor X versus bald Professor X. X-Men Days of Future Past looks as though it could be the X-Men film that would make for sticky pages between some comic book nerds collection's pages. And now we've got the first official trailer. Read More >>

This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything

On the list of comic book hero abilities I dream about magically waking up with one day, Wolverine's claws were probably squeezed right between Superman's flying and Bruce Wayne's women. One of those have practically become reality. These steel Wolverine claws are so fantastically perfect that you could fight Wolverine himself with them. And maybe even win. Read More >>

Electrified Wolverine Claws are Fabulously Ill-Advised

I think it's safe to say that we all want Wolverine claws. Sure, working out some of the logistics would be tough at first, but come on. You would feel invincible! And you could open plastic packaging really easily. To this end, Master James made a set of great looking claws at a machine shop. But they weren't awesome enough. So he electrified them. Read More >>

Real-Life Wolverine Helps People During Catastrophic Explosion In Mexico

He may not be a mutant with regenerative healing powers, animal senses, superhuman agility, and Adamantium-laced skeleton and claws. He may not even be an expert in martial arts or speak fluent Japanese, but 22-year-old Ricardo Fuentes is a hero just like the Wolverine. One who, instead of running away in panic, helped people during last week's deadly explosion at Pemex's headquarters in Mexico D.F. Read More >>


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