This Wooden Table is Actually Made of Glass

At first glance, this appears to be a fairly plain old wooden table—but wait, I can you see the leg through the table top? That'll be because this wooden table is actually made from glass. Read More >>

The Roof of This Sloped Library Doubles as an Awesome Slide

Imagine how much easier it would be to get kids excited about going to the library if the library itself doubled as a playground. That's exactly what's happened in an earthquake-ravaged village in China's Yunnan Province. The town's new library doubles as a community centre with a slide on top. Read More >>

Real Wood Covers Make Every One of These Field Notes Notebooks Unique

Field Notes' new line of notebooks may be mass-produced, but that doesn't mean they're all identical. With covers made of thinly sliced Cherry wood, each Shelterwood edition cover is a unique natural beauty. Read More >>

Why the US Government Will Spend £1.2 Million to Promote Wooden Skyscrapers

The US Department of Agriculture doesn't usually meddle in architecture, but this week at an event at the White House, it announced an unusual project: A $1 million (£600,000) competition for high-rise buildings built out of wood—and another million that will go to educating architects about it. Read More >>

Insulating Foam Made From Wood Makes Your Log Cabin Warm and Authentic

Not only is polystyrene great for all your packing needs, it also makes for an incredibly effective and lightweight insulator. It's just too bad the chemicals and processes needed to make it aren't as earth-friendly as they could be. So researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have successfully created an alternative made from our most popular renewable resource: wood. Read More >>

A Little Bit of Wood Panelling to Spruce Up Your iPhone

Those two little glass panels on the back of the iPhone 5 are a little silly. They look pretty cool, I guess. But what are you supposed to do if they break? It's definitely not worth getting a new phone. Well, thanks to a sympathetic designer, you now have a very pretty option: wood. Read More >>

This Jobless Car-Building Robot Finds Employment in Woodwork

The auto industry in the US hit a few speed bumps over the past few years, and while many factories have closed, it's good to see that some workers, like this industrial robot arm, have managed to find work elsewhere. Instead of building saloons, this arm now lathes solid blocks of maple into lovely wooden stools. Read More >>

This Beautiful Wooden Table Only Weighs 4.5 Kilos

This gorgeous wooden table, designed by Ruben Beckers, is called kleinergleich5—which means "less than five"—because it weighs just four and a half kilos. What the hell? Read More >>

Bendy Wooden Room Snaps Together Like Tetris, Takes Over House

The so-called "Roominaroom" project by London-based architects atmos studio won a 2013 UK Wood Award yesterday for its extraordinary level of craftsmanship—from computer-milled, cut, and fitted ornamental oak beams to precision joinery—for a renovated flat in the city. Read More >>

Who Needs an Axe When This Wood Stove Swallows Tree Trunks Whole?

You've already gone to all the trouble of felling a tree and cleaning off the branches. Who wants to spend even more time hacking it into useable chunks of firewood? That inconvenience is clearly what inspired designers Michiel Martens and Roel de Boer to create the Spruce Stove, a wood burning heater that swallows trees whole. Read More >>

The Designers of the World's Tallest Buildings Aim to Build Wood Towers

Just when you had given up on trees, wooden buildings are back! Skidmore Owings & Merrill, the firm behind the Sears (Willis) Tower, One World Trade Center, and many other extremely tall buildings wants to make a 42-story skyscraper out of wood. Read More >>

Whoa, This (Working) Trackpad Is made from a Block of Wood

The French designers over at Orée first had us oohing and aahing over their beautiful maple and walnut keyboards; one of the rare times when wood and technology blended perfectly. And now they've gone and stolen our hearts again with a warm alternative to Apple and Logitech's sterile touchpadsthat it's calling the Touch Slab. Read More >>

Take a Nostalgia Trip With These Beautiful Wooden Gliders

Remember those awesome polystyrene toy planes that used to come in paper sleeves? They were the coolest, right? Well, now you're all grown up, how about a grown-up equivalent—in the shapes of these gorgeous wooden gliders. Read More >>

This Short Film About Coffinmaking Brings Beauty to Tragedy

Marcus Daly is a Washington-based carpenter on a mission: to produce the most environmentally friendly handcrafted wooden caskets he can. This short film, by Dan McComb, reveals the beauty of his work. Read More >>

IKEA Uses a Staggering One Per Cent of the World's Wood

The easiest joke to make about IKEA is that few of its products—from shelves to meatballs—are made from what they seem. But even particleboard still requires wood—and a lot of it, when you’re selling 100 million products every year. Read More >>

Try To Resist the Urge to Set This 2000-Log Pyre Ablaze

Building a tower out of Lincoln Logs is one thing. Building a real life, 30-foot high funeral pyre out of actual firewood is a little bit more complicated. With a bit of finesse and a lot of patience, artist Tadashi Kawamata managed to pull off the latter. No smoking in the vicinity, please. Read More >>


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