Are You Self-Employed and Hating it Like 450,000 Others in the UK?

The supposedly relaxing life of the self-employed modern worker isn't working out well for some, with stats suggesting around 450,000 of the UK's newly self-employed population would rather have normal regular jobs. Jobs where someone else does the bloody taxes and fixes your computer. Read More >>

Clever New Clothes to Protect You From Germs on the Tube

Winter's runny noses, summer's sweat, spring's sneezing allergies—it doesn't really matter the season. When you ride the bus or the tube, often the last thing you want to do is touch the seats or hang on. Could a new line of clothing help protect you from these germs? Read More >>

How Long You Have to Work Minimum Wage For One Beer, By Country

No matter where in the world you live, you're working for the weekend. How much you can enjoy said weekend, though, varies greatly from country to country. Meet Quartz's Beer Index. It'll make you glad you're not in Georgia. Read More >>

Shifting Gadgets and Toys in Retail Hell

I started working in retail at the worst time of year. It was a week before Christmas and my first few shifts were the very definition of being dropped in at the deep end. I was a sales assistant for a tech store in Bluewater, Kent, with no particular expertise in technology... had never sold anything in my life. Except myself, in the job interview, you could say. Read More >>

The Queen's Cleaner Only Barely Makes Minimum Wage

The UK's monarchy is advertising for a new travelling cleaner, although with a starting salary of just £14,400 for a 40-hour week you'd be better off down your local ASDA or staying at home pretending to be unemployable. Read More >>

Night Shift Work is a Nightmare for Human Health

Those who work night shifts are at higher risk of damaging their bodies, with research suggesting our internal rhythms and organs are disrupted at a molecular level by working all night and trying to sleep during the day. Read More >>

Young Jobseekers Could Now be Encouraged to Take Work in Lap Dancing Clubs and Massage Parlours

On the dole and looking for work? Good news! The Government has widened the roles private companies can make available to jobseekers through the Department for Work and Pensions’ Work Programme. The catch? Many are in sleazy places like lap dancing clubs. Read More >>

A Glimpse at Intel's Future: Being Inside... Everything

Intel is known as a manufacturer of chips that power your laptop. Simple enough. But it wants—it needs—to be more if it wants to come along for the mobile, wearable, hybrid-fuelled world. Tonight, it gave insight into its ambitions. They're huge. Read More >>

Get Out of Work Early With This Handy Happy Hour Virus

Everybody hates malware. It's scary—all your personal information could be exposed! It's annoying—all your data could disappear! It's confusing—none of your friends really know how it works! This is why fake malware is the best new way to play hooky. Read More >>

Google Employees Take to Quora to Slag the Company Off

A mass of former and current Google employees are currently talking about the best and (mostly) worst things about working for the company, revealing that because it's such a popular workplace the smartest of tech graduates will do anything to work there. This generation's Alan Turings are kept busy checking YouTube policy violations. Read More >>

Former HTC Product Manager Urges Staff to Quit the Company and be "Happier"

Poor old HTC would appear to be in a bit of internal turmoil, despite the stacks of praise heaped upon its recent HTC One model. Several high-profile staff have left the mobile maker, with one taking to Twitter to urge his mates still left at the business to walk out. Read More >>

Do You Actually Need Word Anymore?

Google Drive now automatically syncs your files for offline editing, breaking the final stronghold of the traditional Office app. So, the time has come to ask the question: Do we really need anything but Google Docs anymore? Read More >>

How to Make Sure No One Bothers You in a Computer Lab

You have a lot of work to do. You're on a deadline. You're stressing out because people are constantly dropping by your desk saying hi, how you're doing because you're in a computer lab. You need to block everybody out. What do you do? Slap on some headphones and tape this sign onto your back. That should do the trick. You can work without any interruption now. Read More >>

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How Keys Work Explained In One Perfect Animated GIF

Ever wondered how a key opens a lock? Wonder no more. If this is not one of the best animated GIFs I've ever seen, I don't what is. First, because creator Stian Berg Larsen taught me something new. And then, because it's so satisfying to see it work. Aaaaaah. Oh yes. [soupThanks Karl!] Read More >>

Developer Sacked for Outsourcing His Entire Job to China

The truly lazy are often the most creative. Like this developer, who was caught outsourcing his entire job to China so that he could spend his time at work... not working. Read More >>

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How To Increase Your Drinking Tolerance (So You Don't Make an Ass of Yourself at a Holiday Party)

So, you've got your fancy pants on. You're heading to the holiday party, and you're intent on impressing your bosses, in-laws, or significant other's friends with your worldliness and savoir-faire. Then you get too drunk, break stuff, offend people, get fired and/or dumped, and effectively ruin your life. Read More >>


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