This Guy Wants to Speed 300mph Down a Street on a "Jet Luge"

Some things man was never designed to do. Visiting space is one. Riding the world's tallest waterslide is another, too. Travelling at 300mph down a street on a jet-powered luge is without doubt another. But of course there's some crazy guy out there attempting it. Read More >>

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How to Get Into the Guinness World Records Book

Whether it was Cheryl Baker 20 years ago or Felix Baumgartner a few months back who introduced you to the Guinness World Records Book, there's always been something special about the record-breaking tome that's seen it retain an incredibly cool status, no matter what your age. Read More >>

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The World's Tallest Hotwheels Wall Track Puts Your Childhood to Shame

Remember that awesome Hotwheels track you built when you were a small child? The one that went from the bedroom all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen? No? It would've been cool though right? Well this one tops it. Meet the setup Hotwheels' is calling the largest wall track in the world. Read More >>

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When It Comes to Book Dominos, the Longer the Better

To mark the launch of its Summer Reading program this year, Seattle Public library broke the world record for the longest book domino chain -- 2,131 books to be precise -- in its absolutely stunning setting. I wish my library looked this awesome, and did cool stuff like that. [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

The World's Longest Lego Railway Includes 2.5 Miles of Track

Inspired by his own impressive collection of Lego track pieces, Henrik put the call out for others around the world to pool their pieces and collectively set a new world record. Overall the layout included over 100,000 pieces of Lego — tracks and support bricks — spanning a length of over 2.485 miles. Read More >>

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Watch All This Year's Space-Jumping, Head-Spinning World Records

Between Felix Baumgartner's insane space jump, and Spanish paraglider Horacio Llorens' 568-looper of a dive, we've had some pretty awesome world records broken this year. Of course it's hard if not impossible to catch all of them, so Guinness World Records whipped up a year-end summary, and it's well worth the watch. Not all of them are jumping from the stratosphere, but all these folks are pretty impressive nonetheless. What did you do today? [Laughing Squid] Read More >>

World's Most Expensive Cocktail Served at London Playboy Club

Mixologist and cocktail connoisseur, Salvatore Calabrese, has just created the world's most expensive tipple, clocking in at colossal £5,500 per glass. That's the equivalent of 1571 average-priced pints down your local boozer! Anyway, the drink, which includes ingredients that date back to before the French Revolution, was served at the London Playboy Club just this week. Read More >>

How Is It Possible That Olympic Athletes Keep Breaking World Records?

The Olympics are over. Athletes have been crowned. GIFs have been made. And World records have been broken. In four years, we'll do the same thing all over again. And world records will continue to be broken. How is that possible? How do Olympic athletes keep getting better and keep breaking records? Will it ever stop? Can humans ever "max out"? Read More >>

Marine Corps Captain Exterminates Lego World Record with Extreme Prejudice

Captain Kyle Ugone isn't just a Navy bruiser—he's a man of finesse, and a lover of small plastic bricks. So much so that he's erected a staggering 1,091 Lego sets, earning him the title of world champion. Read More >>


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