New Money-Destroying Virus Attacks Iran

After the US and Israel cooked up Stuxnet — a potent cyber weapon aimed at Iran's nuclear facilities — whenever a virus targets Iran, it could be something major. This time around, the web threat wants to erase Iranian banks. Read More >>

A New IM-Attacking Trojan Takes You and Your Facebook For a Spammy Ride

It seems Mark Zuckerberg isn't the only one trying to make a tidy sum out of Facebook right now. There's a social-spreading, IM-attacking worm on the loose and it'll take hold of your Facebook and IM accounts to ruin everyone's day. Read More >>

Russian Koobface Gang Named and Shamed For Facebook Hacking

Facebook’s had enough of worms targeting its users; both it and Sophos have taken the fight to the hackers with a WikiLeaks-style naming and shaming. A four-strong Russian hacking gang were behind the botnet, which has taken control of over 800,000 machines and terrorised millions. Read More >>

A Genetic Tweak Could Hulk Out Your Muscles

Some frighteningly muscular mice and nematode worms are running and squirming around a laboratory in Switzerland where scientists have genetically manipulated the critters to be harder, faster and stronger. Read More >>


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