Windows Phone Finally Gets a Fully Functional YouTube App

After making do with an "app" that was little more than a hyperlink to YouTube's mobile web version, Windows Phone users finally get a fully supported (though still Microsoft-designed) YouTube app to call their very own. Read More >>

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Instagraph: Your Instagram Workaround for WP8

Instagraph is an app that posts your photos to Instagram from Windows Phone. Sure, it's not the official app. But it's about as close as you're going to get for the foreseeable future. Read More >>

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Windows Phone 7.8 Is Finally Available for Stranded Lumia Owners

If you got in on Windows Phone early — in which case, bless you, brave one — you may have been a little miffed when you found out that your shiny old Lumia wasn't going qualify for Windows Phone 8. Lucky for you, the next best thing is finally here: Windows Phone 7.8. Here's how to get it. Read More >>

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Everything Wrong with Windows Phone 8, Illustrated in One Single App Update

The Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 8 got an update today. It's a good one, too, fixing the awful three-sided letterboxing and giving the app a more Metro-y tile. But it's massively late, and tripped over itself coming out the gate, too. In a way, it's a perfect encapsulation of everything that's wrong with Windows Phone 8 so far. Read More >>

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Here's What Won't Work in Cheaper Windows Phones

They good news: Microsoft is loosening its strict spec standards to push some highly affordable Windows Phones to the market. The bad news? Those phones are going to be gimpy little crud boxes. But hey, that's compromise. Read More >>

Nokia Ace -- Rumoured High-End 4.3" Windows Phone

Rumours of another future Nokia Windows Phone handset have appeared, with the "Nokia Ace" named as one possible forthcoming Windows Phone device from the floundering Finnish mobile giant. Read More >>

Windows Phone 7.5 Review: Second Best Isn't Half Bad

"Windows Phone Seven Point Five." It's somehow mind numbing and yet not totally unexpected that chunky string of syllables is how you say the name of the new Windows Phone. Mind numbing, because it's the antithesis of what Microsoft has ultimately built, and not totally unexpected, because we're still talking about Microsoft, and it's not a reinvention of what they've done with Windows Phone. Read More >>


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