How Much Would It Cost to Gift Wrap an Entire House?

If you were financially fortunate enough to be able to gift someone an actual house this year for Christmas, you'll want to do more than just hang a big bow on the front door. Unwrapping a mysterious present is half the fun of getting a gift, and with this handy calculator you'll be able to figure out just how many rolls of gift wrap you'd need for such a daunting task. Read More >>

Download Some Free Pixelated Gift Wrap and Do the Holidays Right (Cheap, Nerdy, and Easy)

Having trouble finding the perfect holiday wrapping paper that says "hey, I actually put some thought into this gift this year"? Over on MiniEco Kate Lilley has provided a lovely set of non-traditional pixelated designs that you can download for free, and print off on your company's laserjet. Read More >>

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How to Print Your Own Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper

Got the perfect gift but can't find a wrapping paper to do it justice? No problem, just make your own. Check out PhotoJoJo's step by step guide for printing your own photos as wrapping paper. I'm going to forgo name tags altogether and just print the receiver's face on mine. Read More >>

Save This Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper for Your Juiciest Gifts

Extravagant? Maybe. But embracing this mouth-wateringly wonderful cheeseburger wrapping paper might actually save you in the long run. I mean, when you wrap and stack six gifts to look like a Quarter Pounder with cheese, well, who cares what's in the boxes? Read More >>


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