Now the Wall Street Journal's Opening a Coffee Shop For Tech Chats, Too

Following on the quinoa-powered heels of The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal is opening up (coffee) shop in the "Silicon Roundabout" for two days next week, where a series of tech-centric talks and events will be held over skinny flat whites, MacBooks, and Moleskines. Read More >>

WSJ: Google Is Making an Android Video Game Console and Smartwatch

According to the WSJ, Google is currently developing an Android-based video game console and 'smartwatch'. More Android in more places means more fun. Less interestingly though, Google is also supposedly developing a second version of the Nexus Q. Read More >>

Report: Facebook's Secret Android Project Isn't a Facebook Phone But a Home Screen Dedicated to Facebook

The WSJ is reporting that Facebook's upcoming Android event will be a home screen—as in the first screen you see when you flip on your phone—dedicated to Facebook. It will "display content from users' Facebook accounts on a smartphone's home screen." Read More >>

Yes, Apple Is Cutting Down iPhone 5 Orders, and It Isn't Giving Any Explanation

The New York Times confirmed today that Apple is drastically cutting iPhone 5 orders, just as the Wall Street Journal and Nikkei of Japan reported yesterday. It's too early to say that the tide is turning, but things don't seem too rosy in Cupertino: Read More >>


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