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A 9/11 Terrorist Was Used in a Facebook Ad

By Casey Chan on at

That's an ad for car insurance that popped up on Facebook the other day. See anything wrong with it? It's okay, I didn't notice it at first either but the photo in the ad isn't a random drivers license picture, instead it's the face of Mohamed Atta, one of the terrorists who crashed a plane into the Twin Towers on 9/11.


How a Man Survived Without Food For Two Months in a Snow-Buried Car

By Jamie Condliffe on at

When a Swedish man drove down a deserted forest road near Umeaa, Sweden last December 19th, he was probably looking forward to Christmas. But that day, his car somehow became buried under a mountain of snow. He was trapped there for two months, suffering insanely low temperatures, with no access to food. Last Sunday, he was discovered. Alive. But how?


Gordon Ramsay Sparks Potato Peeler-Panic In Brixton Prison

By Sam Gibbs on at

Gordon Ramsay recently caused a serious spud-related security scare over at Brixton Prison where he’s teaching inmates how to cook for a new show. His production team set off a prison wide search after it appeared a potato peeler was missing and potentially in the lethal hands of those at her Majesty’s pleasure.

Yet Another Olympics Thing You're Going to Have to Pay For

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another day, another money-grubbing idea out of Locog. This time it seems we’re not even going to be able to enter the Olympic Park without paying, just like Wimbledon – frankly it seems you’re better off staying at home and not forking out for something you can see for free on the box in your front room.