Twinings’ Music-Playing Tea Cup Will Give You an Instant Headache

Twinings has done a silly thing it wants tea-obsessed saddos to send viral, putting together a completely over the top cup designed to optimise your tea-slurping experience. Read More >>

Microsoft Bot Makes Your Worst Pop Culture Nightmares Come True

Crossovers are a mainstay of pop culture, but they rarely address the deepest questions posed by their fictional universes. “What if Gordon Ramsay was Han Solo?” you might ask. “What if the Joker had a beard?” Thanks to a criminally deranged Skype bot named Murphy, you needn’t wonder any longer. Read More >>

Cadillac Cancels Neo-Nazi Ad After Online Outrage

Do you love racism and think there’s a global Jewish conspiracy to control the world’s money supply? Then Cadillac might be the car brand for you. Or, at least, that was the basic pitch when Cadillac’s ad agency put out a casting call for people who identify as alt-right and neo-Nazi. Read More >>

Bank Glitch Allows Man to Spend Nearly £800,000 and Walk Away Free

Normally a glitch is a bad thing. Maybe it means your video game character gets stuck in a wall or maybe a glitch gets you wrongfully arrested. For an Australian man named Luke Moore, a simple bank glitch meant that he was able to blow $1.3 million on cars, travel, strippers and drugs over the course of two years. Read More >>

Now Twitter Is Just Screwing With Us

In the latest iOS update, Twitter killed the last feature that made the platform usable—the @-reply. Goodbye “don’t @ me,” hello “literally can’t @ me.” Your replies to someone’s tweets no longer factor into character count, which is good, but removing the @ all together makes your feed look confusing as hell. Read More >>

the grand tour
It Sounds Like Amazon’s Building Colossal Stone Statues of Clarkson, May and Hammond

You may have spotted a picture of a giant stone Jeremy Clarkson head strapped to the back of a truck in Washington State recently, and we now have a weird new update to the story. Read More >>

The Batmobile Lost a Wheel, But What Did the Joker Do?

“Jingle bells, Batman smells / Robin laid an egg / The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker [...]” Read More >>

Passport Website Rejects Asian Man’s Photo for Having ‘Closed’ Eyes

Anyone who’s dealt with the complexities of passport photo requirements would probably jump at the chance to have their pics checked online, but automated systems can have their own complications, as a New Zealand man recently learned. Read More >>

medium leather wrapped stone
Welcome to Nordstrom, Can I Interest You in This Fancy Rock?

The American home is replete with all manner of overpriced baubles and trinkets. But is your idlic suburban ranch house truly complete with an $85 (£67) rock in a bespoke leather pouch? Nordstrom thinks not. Read More >>

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I Lost Track of How Many Car Crashes Happened in This One Snowy Intersection

It snowed in Montreal today and, well, things got kind of crazy on the road. I don’t know how many car crashes happened in this one wild intersection, but from what I can gather, the icy roads basically turned all the cars, trucks, and buses into giant sleds that all somehow crashed into each other. Read More >>

14 Foot-Long Burmese Python Eats Not One, But Three, Deer

After performing an autopsy on a bloated Burmese python, scientists in Florida were shocked to discover the remains of three white-tailed deer. Read More >>

Look at This Fucking Catfish

Here’s a fish tale for the ages: a North Carolina man says he reeled in a massive 112-pound catfish (just five pounds short of the state record). Read More >>

The Future of Tech Is Sideways Headphones

For better or for worse, Silicon Valley is always on the hunt for The Next Big Thing. But while tech giants like Apple and Google have bet big on developing the latest wearable technology, the real future of smart devices might have been sitting right under our noses (or is it on top our heads???) all along. Read More >>

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Biking on a Very Thin Handrail on Top of a 650-Foot Tall Dam is Stupidly Scary

Okay, like, riding a bike on a handrail on top of a dam is very clearly not the smartest thing a person could do. But damn, the views are actually sort of amazing. Read More >>