Did Florida Accidentally Ban All Computers and Smartphones?

Because Florida was hastily attached to America to be the butt of her jokes, this latest piece of ridiculousness should come as no surprise: Florida might have accidentally banned all computers and smart phones. How? It all stems from a poorly worded bill that banned Internet cafes and slot machines. Read More >>

A Florida Woman Was Shot by an Oven

Among items on the short list of "things that shouldn't be stored in an oven," live ammunition ranks near the top—just below live babies and petrol. That's because, as Myth Busters has taught us and one Florida woman learned this week, live ammo and high temperatures make for an explosive combination. Read More >>

Hacker Xbox Hoax Leads to Police Raid on Unsuspecting Family

A family in Florida, USA was woken up by police with guns surrounding their house in the middle of the night. This terrifying and potentially scarring event is brought to you by Microsoft Xbox. Read More >>

Man Loses His Penis to a Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Failed Penile Implant Surgery

A man is suing one of his doctors after a surgery that was supposed to improve his sex life resulted in the loss of his penis. Read More >>

Brilliant Thieves Steal £300,000 In Medical Equipment Loaded With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Some criminal masterminds in Florida thought that stealing equipment from the Florida Hospital Center for Diagnostic Pathology was a brilliant idea. Now they have £300,000 in medical machines—loaded with flesh eating bacteria. Read More >>


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