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Watch This Renegade Phone Pull Off Its Own Aerobatic Stunts at the X Games

We've all broken our share of phones, and generally the only day-to-day danger they face is a three or four foot fall, or maybe the odd puddle of water. Norwegian X-Games competitor PK Hunder's phone had a bit more to deal with when he lost it in mid-air, half-way through a 720 during a practice run. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When a Car Jump Stunt Goes Wrong

We saw that insane real-life Hot Wheels stunt from the X-Games yesterday, which included a 21m gap to jump after a gravity-defying loop. This is what happens when you don't quite make it across the jump, and it's pretty painful to watch. Read More >>

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This Real Life 18m-High Hot Wheels Loop-De-Loop Stunt Is Just Plain Insane

We saw the UK Top Gear boys take on a "deadly 720", but this X-Games dual-car real-life replica of a gravity and insanity-defying Hot Wheels stunt just takes the biscuit. Read More >>


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