There are Now Seven Million PS4 Consoles Sitting Under TVs Worldwide

As well as revealing details of the PlayStation 4's first major software update, Sony has shared just how many of its latest home console it has sold. And it's doing pretty damn well. Read More >>

Xbox One April Update Gets Friendly, Rolls Out

In what's now becoming a monthly tradition, Microsoft has today released its latest system update for the Xbox One console. Detailed previously, it sees Microsoft make good on its promise to improve the console's Friends system, as well as tweaking 50Hz video output support. Read More >>

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Microsoft's Next Xbox One System Update to Fix Audio Static, Add 50Hz Blu-ray Output and More

Microsoft's public relations cyborg "Major" Nelson has published a list of forthcoming changes that Xbox One users will see, revealing that an update to the controller firmware will "reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity" -- and 50Hz Blu-ray support for material recorded that way will come too. Read More >>

Xbox 360 Emulation on Xbox One a Possibility Says Microsoft Executive

The transition to next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles has left PS3 and Xbox 360 games gathering dust on shelves, with neither console offering backwards compatibility. To address this issue, Sony will be offering PlayStation Now game streaming in the future, and it now looks as though Microsoft is dabbling with an emulator for Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One. Read More >>

External Storage Support is "Coming Soon" to Xbox One

With both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 requiring mandatory game installations, and most titles in excess of 10GB, each console's 500GB built-in hard drive looked stingy from the start. Read More >>

An Xbox One With Titanfall and COD: Ghosts for £384.99 is Your Deal of the Day

Next-gen consoles are always a bit too expensive when they first comeout, meaning that most people have to try and completely ignore them until the prices start to drop. However, coupled with that is a complete resentment of your existing console. Read More >>

The Xbox One is Turning Your Phone Into the Only Remote You Need

The Xbox One's TV-controlling powers are a great feature; having a list of just the channels you watch is how all TV surfing should be. But if you use a set-top box, you probably also have a DVR, and the Xbox One has been useless at controlling it. Until now. Read More >>

If Twitch Privileges Can be Pulled, What's the Limit of Microsoft's Xbox One Reputation System Punishments?

Xbox Live is one of the biggest draws to Microsoft's Xbox One console -- even with the advancements in Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft still retains the most loyal and competitive multiplayer community. The next step for the new console will be an updated reputation system, rolling out this month. And bad behaviour could be harshly penalised. Read More >>

April's Xbox One Update Will Focus on Your Chums

Having pushed out the March update in time for the Titanfall carnage, Microsoft's next step in its quest for gaming domination will be to make the Xbox One a friendlier place. The forthcoming April update will focus on improving the console's notifications system to make it clearer when your pals are on and ready to game. Read More >>

The Xbox One and PS4 Now Cost the Same Thanks to Maplin Price Cut

If the toss-up between an Xbox One or PS4 console is all down to the price for you (and not exclusive games like Titanfall or tin-foil hat Kinect sensor concerns), making a choice on a next-gen gaming system just got much harder. A new Maplin price cut puts the Xbox One at £349.99 -- exactly the same as the PS4. Read More >>

Twitch Livestreaming Hits Xbox One in Time for Titanfall's Tussles

It's been promised since launch, but Xbox One gamers will finally be able to livestream their best Ghosts headshots or FIFA 14 bicycle kicks from today, as Twitch livestreaming hits Microsoft's next-gen console. Read More >>

Watch Dogs' New Release Date Confirmed for May 27th

If you like the Assassin's Creed games, but wish they had more smartphones, cars and security cameras in them, you'll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft's delayed Watch Dogs finally has an official launch date. Wannabe Jonny Lee Millers will be able to hack Watch Dogs' in-game city to a standstill on May 27 2014, on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Yep -- no word on the troubled Wii U version's release. [Ubisoft] Read More >>

Xbox One March Update Beta Testers Reveal 50Hz Fix, Audio and Kinect Tweaks

While most Xbox One owners sit twiddling their thumbs awaiting the arrival of the March update, a lucky few have been granted early access as beta testers. And they've spilled the beans on a handful of features Microsoft has so far kept schtum about. Read More >>

Xbox One 50Hz Judder Problem Fix Just Weeks Away

The Xbox One's set-top box pass-through function is a mixed bag already in the UK, seeing as it doesn't have any of the TV guide features offered in the US. But the fact we had to put up with juddering images rendering TV viewing unwatchable added insult to injury. Read More >>

Xbox One March Update Gets its Own Teaser Trailer

Gamers, deep breath: We have now entered the age of the UI update teaser trailer. If you genuinely find the implementation of default party chat not just useful but worthy enough of its own four minute video, this clip is going to rock your world. Read More >>

Xbox One Drops Price to £400 With Titanfall Offer

Bad news if you've just bought yourself an Xbox One, as Microsoft's cutting the price by £30 from this Friday. It even includes a special edition-packaging Titanfall (while stocks last), which according to Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle is the reason behind the price-drop, and nothing to do with sales performances. [CVG] Read More >>


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