Microsoft Has Six Original TV Series in Production

Amazon and Netflix are doing it in style, Yahoo's clamouring to join in, and now Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has at least six original series in production, too. Read More >>

Adorable Five-Year-Old Discovers Bonehead Xbox Vulnerability

Five-year-old Kristoffer Von Hassel's parents didn't want him getting into the grown-up games on the family's Xbox, so they put the gory stuff behind a password. But Kristoffer's an inquisitive little guy, and he blew right past the parental safeguard—and discovered a pretty silly Xbox security flaw in the process. Read More >>

Ridley Scott to Produce Second Halo "Digital Feature Project" for Microsoft

A variety of Hollywood names are rumoured to be attached to Microsoft's other Halo live action project, with famed director Ridley Scott said to be onboard as executive producer. This isn't the Spielberg-produced Xbox-exclusive series. It's something else. Something bigger. Read More >>

An Xbox One With Titanfall and COD: Ghosts for £384.99 is Your Deal of the Day

Next-gen consoles are always a bit too expensive when they first comeout, meaning that most people have to try and completely ignore them until the prices start to drop. However, coupled with that is a complete resentment of your existing console. Read More >>

Twitch Livestreaming Hits Xbox One in Time for Titanfall's Tussles

It's been promised since launch, but Xbox One gamers will finally be able to livestream their best Ghosts headshots or FIFA 14 bicycle kicks from today, as Twitch livestreaming hits Microsoft's next-gen console. Read More >>

Xbox One March Update Beta Testers Reveal 50Hz Fix, Audio and Kinect Tweaks

While most Xbox One owners sit twiddling their thumbs awaiting the arrival of the March update, a lucky few have been granted early access as beta testers. And they've spilled the beans on a handful of features Microsoft has so far kept schtum about. Read More >>

Stephen Elop's New Microsoft Job is Xbox Division Boss

Nokia man Stephen Elop may have missed out on the big CEO job at Microsoft, but he has a pretty decent consolation prize -- he'll be taking control of the Devices and Studios team that manages the Xbox gaming brand and MS's entertainment ambitions. Read More >>

Xbox One Drops Price to £400 With Titanfall Offer

Bad news if you've just bought yourself an Xbox One, as Microsoft's cutting the price by £30 from this Friday. It even includes a special edition-packaging Titanfall (while stocks last), which according to Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle is the reason behind the price-drop, and nothing to do with sales performances. [CVG] Read More >>

Rumour: Xbox One Media Remote Coming March 4th

You can control the Xbox One by shouting, waving your arms or—if you must—using a controller. But a leaked pre-order page suggests that a conventional remote is on the way, too. Read More >>

This Xbox One Offer is Your "Post-Christmas Price Drop" Deal of the Day

Prices are dropping on next-gen consoles after the Christmas rush, which means the hares have been enjoying their devices for a while, but the tortoises are getting the same fun for less money. As we know, hares are stupid and tortoises are wise and look like pasties. What's not to like about a wise pasty? Read More >>

An Xbox One Adapter for Your Old Headsets Will Go on Sale in March

If you'd just bought a new fancy-pants headset with which to smack-talk your friends over Xbox Live ahead of the Xbox One reveal, you'd have been pretty annoyed to to see that the next-gen console's controller would not support older audio gear. Good to its word though, Microsoft is preparing to launch an adapter that bridges the gap between the two generation's audio accessories. Read More >>

Xbox One March System Update to Focus on Multiplayer

On top of this week's first major Xbox One update (which finally adds a controller battery indicator), Microsoft is now ready to share specifics on what will land in March's update to the next-gen console. Read More >>

Rumour: Microsoft is Building an Xbox Reader App

Clearly, the future is (possibly) all about reading. A new Microsoft job listing suggests that the company is looking to build "a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics." Read More >>

This Xbox Live Gold Membership is Your "Always Believe in Your Soul" Deal of the Day

Xbox consoles have always been a fancy, but unfathomably unfashionable bit of kit. Owners of this device are akin to the kind of dweeb you'd find buffing the wheels of his hybrid car or someone who actually enjoys doing sums. Not that gamers should ever, ever care about being fashionable. Read More >>

China Finally Suspends its Ban on Foreign Game Consoles

After 14 years of prohibition, the Chinese government has lifted a ban on the sale of foreign consoles inside the country's border. This opens the door for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to tap in the multi-billion market—though the companies have already admitted it won't be easy. Read More >>

PS4 Owners Watch Three Times More Porn Than Xbox One Owners

You may be familiar with the Spotify of porn, but did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn? Probably! Assuming you're the proud owner of a Playstation 4, that is. Because according to online porn rental service SugarDVD, three times as many PS4 users as Xbox One users signed up for the site's console app. Read More >>


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