Xi3's Piston Will be a Windows PC, its Maker Reminds the World

The maker of the Xi3 Piston supposed "Steam Box" PC games machine has clarified its relationship with Valve, after the game publisher denied having anything to do with the mini PC hardware startup. Read More >>

First Unofficial Steam Box Goes Up for a Wallet-Crushing Pre-Order Price

If you were under the impression a Valve Steam Box would be console-money, around the £300 mark, think again. While Valve's got its own official Steam Box incoming, which could possibly be cheaper, the first unofficial Steam Box, the Xi3 Piston, has just gone up for pre-order in the US and it's a wallet-crunching £600. Read More >>

The Valve Steam Box Is Real and It's Currently At CES

After rumours, speculation, confirmation, and then yet more rumours, we finally have a glimpse at a real-life, working Steam Box. It's code-named 'Piston' and it's being made by a company called Xi3 Corporation, in whom Valve has plunked a load of dosh. Oh, and it's tiny. Read More >>


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