This Cartoon is the Simplest Explanation of Heartbleed Yet

You may have read some long explainers about how Heartbleed works, but this cartoon is the simplest description you'll see of how the bug works. Read More >>

Even If Heartbleed Loses Your Data, You Still Have Your Thoughts

Heartbleed may be one of the biggest internet security flaws to date, and it may see you lose your emails, identity, passwords and who knows what else. But hey! At least you'll always have your memories. Read More >>

Computers are Only Great Because of the People Behind Them

Next time you're sat mashing keys, wildly frustrated because something is proving so difficult to get done, remember that the majority of computing tasks are only straightforward because someone already made them easy. Read More >>

Life Before the Internet Was Just Plain Boring

Before the internet? Don't kid yourself. It wasn't more fulfilling or engaging; you didn't have more time to read and think and play. You just sat around in your underwear watching daytime TV instead. Read More >>

Any Technology Where the Manual Needs a Manual is Bad Technology

Not all technologies are created equal: some are easy to use, some are tough to get to grips with, and others are downright impossible to get working. Read More >>

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The Time Everywhere Right Now, Beautifully Visualised

Today's XKCD really is wonderful: called 'Now', it's a simple clock which shows you what time it is in the world right... now, and changes each time you check back on it. Read More >>

You Have to be Desperate if You're Browsing the Second Page of Google Results

It's a cold, dead wasteland that second page. Reach the third, and you're in real trouble. [XKCD] Read More >>

Even the Most Serious of Updates Get Ignored if They Require a Restart

You computer may be at risk. Your privacy may be at risk. Hell, you may be at risk. But if you've got a lot of apps running and that update will require a restart? Forget about it. [XKCD] Read More >>

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You Don't Always Need to Be More Precise Than Everyone Else

Whether it's a comment thread on a blog or a conversation in a bar, we're all guilty of interjecting with our own, more precise, more accurate take on pretty much any topic. But maybe we should all quit that habit, every now and then. Read More >>

This is How to Stop People Hijacking Your Details For Marketing

Obviously nobody wants their website full of abusive content cleverly hidden away in the last name field. So why not get creative? Read More >>

The Trustworthiness of Data, by File Extension

Just like your choice of language in email and the frequency with which you use emoticons says a lot about you, so does the the format in which you send your attachments. Read More >>

Do You Feel Smug or Embarrassed About Not Owning a TV?

Maybe, like most people, you own a TV. But there's a chance that, like me, you don't. If that's the case, how do you feel when you have to tell someone you -- gasp -- don't actually own a set? Read More >>

The Truth About New Technologies

Will [INSERT NEW TECHNOLOGY HERE] make us richer, poorer, dumber or smarter? Probably not. Will it ruin industry, arts, creativity and culture? Wouldn't have thought so. Will it corrupt the young? Um, maybe. Read More >>

By 2019, Humans Will Be Outnumbered By Lego Minifigs

Since their introduction in 1978, Lego's Minifigs have, um, reproduced at a rapid rate. In fact, the toymaker has been making the little fellas at such a pace that they'll outnumber humans by 2019. Read More >>

It's Amazing the Weird Crap You Learn From Hidden Autoplay Videos

Wait, where is that audio coming from? I didn't press play. Oh wait, it's an autoplay video in one of the 30 or so browser tabs I have open and I have no chance in hell of finding it. Better just listen, then. Read More >>

The Size of Earthly Surfaces Directly Under Different Space Objects

If you've ever wondered how much of the Earth's surface actually sits directly beneath the Sun at any given moment, then you probably also gave up on the maths pretty quickly. Luckily, Randall Munroe didn't. Read More >>


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