Don't Worry, It's Not Just You Who Highlights Text For Fun

In fact everybody's at it. And, as Randall Munroe points out in today's XKCD, we all know that it's more fun when it looks pretty, too. Read More >>

Face It, Computers Are Better Than Us

Sometimes it feels like there's nothing that computers can't beat us at: chess, Jeopardy, curing cancer... hell, even cooking pudding. Randall Munroe sums it up nicely in today's XKCD. Read More >>

Google Autocomplete Is an Even Weirder Place Than You Thought

Google autocomplete results have always been a font of joy; nowhere else is humanity's curiosity and stupidity celebrated in such equal measure. But when you really start to comb through what it has to offer — as xkcd does — it goes from amusing to disturbing and back again way quicker than you'd think. Read More >>

Somebody Save Us, We're Drowning in Online Chat Systems

Choice is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to digital communication, perhaps we're starting to drown in a sea of instant message apps and chat clients. Read More >>

What to Do if You Really Hate Google Glass

For all its promise of being the Next Big Thing in tech, when it comes to Google Glass, haters gotta hate. Still, if you're gonna object to it, you may as well do it properly. Read More >>

Why You Should Never Just Abandon an Online Community

Next time you leave an online community, spare a thought for your account, which will sit there accumulating messages, news and all other kinds of crap which you'll never, ever see again. Read More >>

The Most Suspicious File of All

We've all done it. We've all clicked on a link that we probably shouldn't have, confused a gremlin for a Mogwai. But if you ever click the mother of all suspicious links, you deserve whatever's coming to you. Read More >>

Earth Is Just a Pale Blue Dot... Or Pixel... Or...

The image above is what Earth looks like from Saturn, a stunning reminder from NASA's Cassini spacecraft that we're nothing but a small speck of dust. And sometimes, as xkcd points out below, that can be quite literal. Read More >>

What's the Worst Ringtone You've Ever Heard?

Today's XKCD raises an important question: what's the most irritating ringtone you've ever had the misfortune to hear? Read More >>

Social Media Isn't Always That Important

Sometimes it seems like no story is complete without a social media angle: what's the reaction on Twitter, how did the news spread on Facebook? And that, well, that's bullshit. Read More >>

How to Confuse Any Smartphone User

If you're ever prompted to scan a QR code while you're installing an app, either someone is playing a cruel practical joke on you, or something has gone very, very wrong. Especially if it's a QR reader app. [XKCD] Read More >>

We're All Photographers Now

That smartphone in your pocket has changed you. You're not just able to stay in contact with your friends and family now — you're also a photographer. But what good has really come of it? Read More >>

How the Mother of All Demos Should Have Played Out

While Douglas Engelbart's 1968 Mother of All Demos was nothing short of iconic in the way it predicted our relationship with technology int he future, he missed a couple of tricks. So long, Douglas; the internet will miss you. [XKCD] Read More >>

Travelling at the Speed of Light Could Make Your Arse Look Great

Next time you're trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans, it might pay to give physics a thought — because depending on how fast you're travelling, your fat frame could look a little different. Randall Munroe explains in the mouse-over text of today's XKCD: Read More >>

Why Astronomers Keep Finding More and More Habitable Planets

It's all just one big practical joke. But — shhh! — don't tell them. They're having fun. [XKCD] Read More >>

Ice Sheets Were Terrifyingly Thick 20,000 Years Ago

Since our planet was born, it's gone through periods of extreme cold known as ice ages—but you might not realise just how of the cold stuff came with them. Spoiler: a lot. Read More >>


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