Supposed Xperia Arc HD Pokes Camera Out From Behind the Curtain

Tuesday saw a curtain-covered object launch a competition on the Sony Ericsson Facebook page to win an undisclosed prize. We’re guessing it was the unannounced, but much rumoured, Xperia Arc HD. The latest teaser photos confuse the issue a tad. Read More >>

Can the New Xperia LT28at Live Up to Its Leaked Specs?

Details have leaked about Sony Ericsson's new "super phone", and the specs sound impressive. But given the track record, can an Xperia ever actually be a phone that really matters? Read More >>

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD Caught Out in the Wild Again

Sony Ericsson maybe going Sony-only from mid-2012, but the doomed partnership has one last phone up its sleeve and it's been photographed again -- this time with the screen on, and showing its true colours. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson Nozomi/Arc HD/LT26i Pictured

An unannounced Android phone from Sony Ericsson was leaked over the weekend, calling itself the LT26i -- which is the technical name for the phone previously known on the leak scene as "Nozomi" and, more recently, the Xperia Arc HD. Read More >>


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