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Sony Xperia T Lightning Review: Much Bigger and a Bit Better

Announced a few weeks back at this year's IFA tech event, the Xperia T is the newest, biggest Android-powered smartphone from Sony. There's another new physical design to explore with your longing fingers, plus this one arrives with Android 4.0 from launch. It really ought to be Sony's big breakthrough. Read More >>

Can Sony Handle Four Screens at Once?

Sony has a big vision for the future. It's a future in which we own a Sony tablet; a Sony TV; a Sony phone and a Sony computer, and they all work as one to make our Sony-branded lives better. How's that going to work, then? Read More >>

Two Cores Can Still Get the Job Done

The non-stop hype machine may be telling you that your phone's an embarrassment if it's not got a quad-core processor inside (and a screen big enough to entertain 100,000 spectators at Hyde Park), but there's still plenty of OOMPH to be had from today's well-tuned dual-core options. Read More >>

Check Out the Sony Xperia T Strutting Its Unreleased-Stuff

Sony's latest round of Xperia phones have well, been not too bad, and it looks like Sony have got another one to add to the collection. The Xperia T, which may have been spotted before as the Xperia Mint, looks to be Sony's next phone out after the divorce with Ericsson; it looks quite the catch. Read More >>


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