Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Review: Hardware Triumph, Software Facepalm

Last year, the original Xperia Z Tablet was one of our absolute favourite tablets. It was so wonderfully thin and light, plus waterproof? Fantastic. But the laggy software Sony put on top kind of knee-capped its potential. This year, the hardware is even better. Bordering on masterful! But some lessons Sony just refuses to learn. Read More >>

Review: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a Powerful Pocket TARDIS

It's the new thing phone makers do. Release a massive important flagship model to huge fanfare, then, a few months later, pretend it's too big and launch a smaller mini variant for those after something not so huge. The key thing here is Sony's not scrimped on the internals for this shrunken model. The Z1 Compact really is a big phone in a small case. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z2 or "Sirius" Expected to Hit Mobile World Congress

Rumours suggest Sony's nearly done building 2014's flagship smartphone, with a device currently in development under the codename "Sirius" supposedly offering a 5.2-inch display running at 2560 x 1440 resolution. Other claims suggest a 20.7-Megapixel camera and rather voluminous 3700mAH battery. MWC kicks off in late Feb. [AndroidSAS] Read More >>

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Sony's Xperia T2 Ultra is 2014's Latest Whopper

Sony's announced a new mid-to-high-end "phablet" model today, with its Xperia T2 Ultra arriving in both normal and dual-SIM options. It combines a 1080p display with a 13-Megapixel camera, with Sony plumbing its quad-core Qualcomm MSM8928 chipset into 1GB of RAM. Read More >>

Sony Plans New Smartwatch Push in 2014, But Might Calm Down on Releasing so Many Mobiles

Sony Mobile has issued a 2013 retrospective blog post, primarily as a reminder of all the very decent phones it launched over the last 12 months. As for 2014, it has a couple of hints about what we may see, suggesting more smartwatch action and a later than usual launch of its next flagship smartphone. Read More >>

Sony's Jelly Bean Update Starts Hitting Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra

Two of Sony's biggest and best black rectangles are about to get a little more exciting to own, thanks to the maker saying it's ready to start pushing its take on Google's Android 4.3 code to the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. It usually takes a while to hit everyone in every country, but it's coming. [Sony] Read More >>

Sony's Smartphone Ambitions Include Being the Third Biggest-Seller In Europe

Sony's new boss Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the tech giant has no plans to aggressively push its smartphones in the US or China, the two largest marketplaces for mobiles. He appears to be happy enough with just 2.2 per cent of the global market via a relatively decent performance in Europe and Japan. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z1 Display Units Photographed Once More, by a Good Camera in the Light

Like finding all your Christmas presents hidden under your mum and dad's bed in late November, the arrival of Sony's new Xperia Z1 has been similarly spoiled by a massive series of leaks. And here it is again, with dummy display units nicely photographed and giving us yet another look at this still unannounced new mobile. Read More >>

Xperia Z1 Leak-a-Thon Enters Week 29, Camera Lens and New Photos Appear (Update: Video)

Yet more imagery has appeared claiming to show details of Sony's forthcoming new flagship smartphone, with Sony itself issuing a nice detailed photo of the phone's backside image sensor, and additional photographs of the whole thing also coming to light. Read More >>

Confirmed: Sony Xperia i1 / Honami / Z1 Will Have a BUTTON

The leaks regarding Sony's forthcoming smartphone have reached new highs today, with Sony joining the fun and deciding to show a close-up shot of the phone's button. So it'll have a button. A very nice button. Sadly for Sony, stacks more unofficial news and press photos have also leaked regarding its next mobile. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z1 May be the i1/Honami's Real Name

The phone that's leaked more times than my dad's shed roof has a new name, with sources claiming Sony's next flagship smartphone may arrive known as the Xperia Z1. Read More >>

Rumoured Sony Teaser Image Suggests September Reveal of "Honami" or Xperia i1

Mobile phone leaks are now so thorough and comprehensive we already feel rather well acquainted with Sony's unannounced next phone. We've already seen photos of the phone, the camera app, mock-ups and plenty of rumoured specs of the Xperia i1 or "Honami" Sony model, so a teaser image is a bit redundant. But there it is. Read More >>

Sony's Honami/i1 Leaks Again, This Time With AR... Dinosaurs

Sony's ship has sprung yet another enormous leak along its port side, with new hands-on shots of the unannounced Honami or i1 phone hitting the web. This time it's been switched on to reveal the phone company's bizarre new camera software tools. Read More >>

Sony's "Honami" 20MP Xperia Z Update Photographed Again

Yet more details on the forthcoming Sony "Honami" or i1 phone have appeared, with new photos of a demo version of the mobile giving us a look at the form factor it'll be taking. It's another thin one, that's for sure. Read More >>

Sony's Xperia i1 "Honami" Leaked Again, This Time With Spec Sheet

New leakages have emerged from battleship Xperia, with specs beefing out what we previously knew about the forthcoming Xperia i1 phone, also known under the development name Honami. And also known as a 20-Megapixel whopper. Read More >>

Sony's Xperia i1 May be a 20-Megapixel Monster

Sony's 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra may soon be joined by another super-sized Android option, with images of a phone allegedly known as the Xperia i1 hitting the internet. It's Xperia Z style featuring what appears to be a 5.3-inch or thereabouts display. Read More >>


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