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We Don't Care That This Daring Yacht Photo is Just Hugo Boss, Trying to Flog More Suits

Despite the obvious ploy from Hugo Boss to shift more suits and sunglasses, these photos showing British yachtsman Alex Thomson scaling the 100ft mast of his yacht, which was tilted to a 60-degree angle at the time, are pretty incredible. Read More >>

6 Jaw-Dropping Superyachts Designed by Architects

Generally speaking, architects are brilliant and creative people with a wide range of talents. That sort of versatility is part of what makes them good architects in the first place. But let's be honest. Just because some people are good at a lot of things does not mean they're good at everything. Take yachts, for instance. Read More >>

Architect Zaha Hadid Designs Gorgeous Bio-Organic Rich Man's Superyacht

Here's one for our oil-rich oligarch readers. Architect Zaha Hadid, who usually does posh bendy buildings like the lovely London 2012 aquatics centre, has had a go at doing a yacht. It's part boat, part sci-fi bio-engineered spaceship. Read More >>

Inside the Celestial Workshop That Makes the World's Fastest Yachts

Very few people have ever stepped foot on a boat made by yacht design studio Wally — builder of the fastest yachts on the planet — and even fewer have stepped foot inside their loud, hot workshop in Monte Carlo. British photographer Benedict Redgrove is one of them. Here's what a £22 million yacht looks like before the paint job and leather. Read More >>

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Steve Jobs' Yacht Is Free to Sail After Being Repossessed

Last week we reported that Steve Jobs' yacht, Venus, had been repossessed in the Netherlands at the behest of designer Philippe Starck, who claimed that the Jobs family owed him three million Euros. Classy move, Starck. Well, the yacht is free to sail again. Read More >>

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Steve Jobs' Yacht Repossessed By—You Guessed It—Philippe Stark

The designer of Steve Jobs' yacht has never been the master of tact. Just a few months after Philippe Starck played up his friendship with Jobs and tastelessly teased the yacht as "revolutionary" Apple product. Gross. His latest cool guy move: having the monster repossessed over a payment dispute. Read More >>

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Watch Steve Jobs' Super Sleek Yacht Unveiled For Christening

Venus, the incredible luxury yacht Steve Jobs had been designing up until his death a little over a year ago, seems to have made its first apperance as a finished product in the city of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly, its design is breathtaking. Read More >>

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10 Celebrity Designer Gadgets

Thanks to the influence of a certain Cupertino-based company, sleek, well-designed gadgets are becoming the norm -- in fact, we're at a point now when almost all mainstream consumer electronics look eerily similar, amirite Samsung? Read More >>

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Of Course the World's Most Expensive Private Yacht Has Its Own Laser Shield

What does one do with an extra £375 million burning a hole in his pocket? Well, if one is Chelsea boss and multi-kagillionaire Roman Abramovich, one commissions the construction of a floating pleasure island replete with early-warning missile detection. The only thing it's missing are those cute mini-giraffes. Read More >>

Your Puny Statue has Nothing on the £80 Million Maltese Falco Speed Yacht

It doesn't take the detective prowess of Sam Spade to see how awesome this 88-metre is. It can take you from New York to Barcelona in ten days flat in the lap of luxury. Read More >>

The Daily Mail Designs the Queen's Next Yacht

I'm not sure how much time Queen Lizzy has for yachting when she's busy tapping the clock and looking expectantly at Kate Middleton's stomach, but the Daily Mail has launched a campaign to deliver a new "mega-yacht" to the Royal Family before the Queen's Diamond Jubilee next June. This might be one of the Mail's most fantastical articles ever. Read More >>

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Watch A £1.5 Million Dollar Yacht Sink on Her Maiden Voyage

Since China has a ton of people making a ton of money these days, they're just spending it wildly. Like buying £1.5 million yachts that don't work. As the yacht was entering the water for the first time, it started sinking and eventually capsized. Read More >>


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