Yahoo Might be Persuading Apple to Drop Google as its Default Search Engine

According to Recode, Yahoo is persuading Apple to drop Google and make Yahoo its default iOS search engine. Because that would mean more money for Yahoo and less money for Google. The free market works! Read More >>

Yahoo Reportedly Planning its Own Original Web TV Shows

Yahoo is reportedly planning to take on Netflix and Amazon, with ambitions to produce its own original web-series programming, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Are Yahoo Making a YouTube Competitor?

Re/code reports that Yahoo is looking to build a YouTube competitor—and that the purple-Y company has already begun trying to woo YouTube stars with offers of ad revenue and video promotion that Google's video service can't match. [Re/code] Read More >>

Yahoo to Stop You Logging in With Google and Facebook IDs

Use your Google or Facebook account to log in to any Yahoo services? Not much longer you won't: soon, you'll need a Yahoo sign-in to access any of Yahoo's products. Read More >>

British GCHQ Spies Have Been Watching Your Sexy Webcam Calls

It has today been revealed that British intelligence unit GCHQ ran a program codenamed "Optic Nerve" from 2008 to 2010 that involved capturing webcam images from internet users. And yep, as you'd imagine, that included a lot of sexy time. Read More >>

Yahoo Confirms Hackers Swiped Yahoo Mail Users' Passwords

Yahoo certainly had some fun kicking Gmail while it was down last week—a particularly bold move considering its own recent share of missteps. But in a bit of an uncomfortable karmic twist (at least from Yahoo's point of view), the company has taken to Tumblr to acknowledge a recent mass of security attacks with the vaguest details possible. Read More >>

If You Used Yahoo This Week, You Might Have Malware

Security researchers at Fox IT say they've detected a malicious exploit kit among Yahoo's ad network active since December 30th. The malware seems to have hit Romania, Great Britain, and France the hardest, so if you've browsed a Yahoo site this week, you may want to run a scan or two. Read More >>

Google, Microsoft and More Launch Campaign to Reform NSA Spying

Eight of the largest companies in tech have joined forces to battle the NSA's spying, demanding sweeping reforms of the US Government's surveillance policies. Read More >>

The NSA May Have Penetrated Internet Cables to Spy on Google and Yahoo

It recently came to light that the NSA snooped on the communications of Google and Yahoo users without ever breaking into a data center. Now, the New York Times is reporting, it appears that could be because it penetrated fibre optic cables. Read More >>

Google "Outraged" by Claims NSA Has Hacked Access to its Cloud Servers

Yet more shameful surveillance leaks claim the NSA and our GCHQ have hacked their way into Google and Yahoo's cloud services, with the security agencies said to be able to spy on supposedly secure data sent to users from its data warehouses. Read More >>

Yahoo Mail Is Switching to HTTPS--Four Years After GMail

From January 8th, Yahoo will be enabling encryption by default for all of its webmail users. That's great news—it just happens to be four years later than the likes of GMail. Read More >>

The New Yahoo Mail Could Not Look More Like Gmail

Marissa Meyer's parade of progress is continuing at Yahoo with a very sparkly redesign of Yahoo Mail. It's got all things that are good, including more storage and cleaner navigation and threaded conversations. Frankly, this redesign does pretty much anything to make Yahoo Mail look more like Gmail. Read More >>

Yahoo's New Logo Is a Bore, and That's the Whole Point

At midnight, Yahoo unveiled its new logo after 30 days of zany decoy logos. It's a staid little number, the main surprises of which are its searing new shade of purple, an ever-so-slight serif, and an odd architectural shadow effect. It's probably not going to be very popular, but it's a strategic move that speaks to how Yahoo is changing on a broader scale. Read More >>

How Flickr's New Head Plans to Rebuild a Photo Brand Fallen From Grace

In its quest to rebuild Flickr into the premier photo service it once was, Yahoo has swiped Google's ex-global director of product marketing, Bernardo Hernandez, and given him the ultimate task — taking down Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other services so Flickr can reign supreme. Read More >>

Yahoo Announced a New Logo By Not Announcing a New Yahoo Logo

In what could possibly be the most convoluted way to put on a new pair of trousers, Yahoo has announced that it will be changing its infamous purple exclamation point logo into... something different. You see, it's not the new simple logo above, even though Yahoo posted an image of that new logo in a release talking about the new logo, and used that same new logo all over its Tumblr page, and is even using that new logo on No, no, no. I repeat, that is not the new logo. Read More >>

Tech Giants Band Together to Starve the Pirates Out

If you can't sue them out of existence, and blocking them just doesn't work, then what's the next best thing? Cut off a pirate's money supply, of course. And that's exactly what most of the world's biggest advertising companies including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL are doing. Now rights holders can file a request to block adverts on particular sites, just like DMCA takedown notices for content. Read More >>


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