New Vodafone Yoda ad for Everyone to HATE

Here's a good thing for us all to come together and simultaneously hate; another awful Vodafone Yoda ad, this time focusing on the network's newly launched 4G service. If we all hate it enough, together, maybe it will only be on television in every other advert break? Read More >>

Is a Yoda Spin-Off Movie Really a Good Idea?

So, Disney's well and truly taking the Star Wars franchise by the scruff of the neck, even bagging JJ Abrams to govern the ship. But now it's looking at Yoda spin-off. Yoda: The Early Years somehow leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but am I being just a bitter old sod? Read More >>

Seiko Jumps on the Dangerously Overloaded Star Wars Merchandise Bandwagon

A new range of watches from Seiko celebrates the good and the bad of Star Wars, updating some of its existing BRIGHTZ range models with colour schemes and etched character designs from the patchy sci-fi franchise. Read More >>

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Watch This: Time Lapse Video of an Incredibly Detailed 3D-Printed Yoda

Printing this bust at .1mm layer height gives Yoda a significant increase in detail, as compared to the .2mm layer heigh model shown in a side-by-side comparison in the time-lapse video above. Read More >>

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The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side of Hoth

The special edition versions of the Star Wars films and the recent prequels left many fanboys wondering if George Lucas maybe wasn't the visionary filmmaker they had all worshipped and adored. But one aspect of Lucas's vision that has never come into question is his ability to market the hell out of a franchise. Read More >>

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This Is How Yoda Would Sound if He Spoke Words In the Correct Order

Oh, clever this one is: what would Yoda sound like if properly built sentences he spoke? Boring that would be, I say. But interesting nonetheless this edited video is. Watch you must. And if the clip you don't like, TFSU* [VimeoThanks Steve!] Read More >>

Dear Vodafone, We'll Buy One of Your Telephones if You STOP MAKING ADVERTS

The latest in Vodafone's series of heinous TV adverts that thoroughly humiliate poor old Yoda has been revealed, with the mobile network moving the action to a... hairdressers. Read More >>

Star Wars Lowers Itself to Selling Mobile Phone Contracts

The shameful ruination of the Star Wars brand continues. Following on from Darth Vader whoring himself out to sell washing machines for Currys, we'll shortly see Yoda appearing on TV to sell mobile telephones. It's as if they all need the money. Read More >>


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