Legendary News Agency's 85,000-Video Archive is Now on YouTube

Pathé News was perhaps the most well-regarded news agency of the 1900s—and now, its entire 85,000-video newsreel archive is available to watch free on YouTube. Read More >>

YouTube's Fun Fibonacci Easter Egg Will Make Maths Nerds Giggle

The Fibonacci number (or sequence, or series) is the mathematical rule that defines the golden spiral, a beautiful growing pattern that appears in many places in nature. It also appears on YouTube when you search "Fibonacci," and it's just silly enough to make us smile. Read More >>

Are Yahoo Making a YouTube Competitor?

Re/code reports that Yahoo is looking to build a YouTube competitor—and that the purple-Y company has already begun trying to woo YouTube stars with offers of ad revenue and video promotion that Google's video service can't match. [Re/code] Read More >>

Home Office Has "Super Flagger" Status to Order Mass Removal of YouTube Clips

Google has granted the Home Office special powers when it comes to having questionable YouTube content flagged up for removal, with the government able to request masses of clips are pulled on a large scale basis instead of fingering individual clips. Read More >>

YouTube in Your Browser is Becoming More Like YouTube On Your Phone

Once upon a time, in the early days of smartphones (y'know, a few years ago), a company would do everything possible to make its app look as similar to its website as possible. Now everything is topsy-turvy. Today YouTube revealed that some of the website's new look is going to be borrowed from its mobile app. Brave new world. Read More >>

A Hacker Found GPS Data in the Audio of This Police Chase Video

It's incredibly noisy in the cockpit of a helicopter, and you'd assume the sounds you hear in any YouTube police chase video were just the deafening whine of the chopper's engine. But as one hacker discovered, that monotonous drone can actually hide some useful data, like the helicopter's GPS coordinates. Read More >>

The True Pain of Watching YouTube Tutorial Videos

It's such a shame that ten seconds of valuable information requires watching awful online ads and rambling, ill-produced amateur video. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

One Boob Built YouTube: How Nipplegate Changed the Way We Share Video

Think about it this way: If Justin Timberlake hadn't partially exposed one of Janet Jackson's nipples during that fateful Super Bowl halftime show, you wouldn't be able to watch all the nipples you'd like on your computer today. Read More >>

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This is the Craziest Video You'll Watch All Day

People sure like doing insane stuff in slow motion and uploading it to the web. YouTube user Luc Bergeron has done us all a favour and compiled this jaw-dropping video of some of the wildest clips going. Read More >>

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Watch Soap Bubbles Destroyed by Frigid Winter Cold

At least it doesn't look like a violent end for the bubbles. They don't really shatter, they just sort of vaporise into little wisps, and drift off into the icy breeze. It's almost more mesmerising to watch than it would be if they stayed whole. See, you can have fun outdoors, even when it's frost-on-your-eye-lashes cold. [NightHawkInLight] Read More >>

Microsoft Paying YouTube Video Makers for Positive Xbox One Coverage

Microsoft has been outed by YouTube content generators, who claim the company has been offering to pay increased ad revenue to video producers who mention Xbox One in a positive light and include the relevant tag in their videos. Read More >>

Google Tweaks YouTube Comment Management to Appease Angry Content Creators

The YouTube overlords have launched a revised comment management system for the video sharing site, amalgamating all the user feedback into one place. It's a step in the right direction, but most people would still like it put back the way it was, please. Read More >>

Rumour: YouTube Will Debut Super-Low Bandwidth 4K Streaming Next Week

Watching 4K video is wonderful and all, but with streaming increasingly popular and data caps largely still in place, it also still seems impractical. Not for long, though, if rumours of YouTube's latest schemes are to be believed. Read More >>

Gaming YouTube Channels Borked By Auto Copyright Scanner

Gaming "Let's Play" videos, with gamers posting videogame footage as guides, analysis or simply for a laugh, are big business on YouTube. For the uploaders, there's decent amounts of cash to be made from advertising, and for the game companies a voracious audience to exploit. But a new automatic copyright scanner is ruining the party for everyone. Read More >>


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