Sony's 1080p Monster-Phone to Cost £400 When it Crash-Lands in March

Oh boy, the Sony leaks just keep on a-comin. According to Taiwanese site SonyXP, the Xperia Z (a.k.a. 'Yuga') will run you a sweet £400 when it starts shipping in early March. Although that's a king's ransom compared to the bargain-bucket Nexus 4, it's actually cheaper than Samsung's Note II, but packing properly high-end specs. We could have a new winner in the phablet market. [SonyXP via Techradar] Read More >>

Sony All But Announces Its Flagship New Monster-Phones

CES is so close we can almost touch it, but Sony seems to have jumped the gun a little, leaking official press shots of the two phone/phablet things it's probably going to debut in Las Vegas next week. Steady on there boys, just a week more to wait. Read More >>

Leaked Shots of Sony's New 1080p 5-Inch Super-Phone -- Phablets, Watch Out

It looks like a prototype version of Sony's upcoming new flagship phone, the Xperia Yuga, might have leaked into the wild. A Russian site claims to have got their meaty paws on one, and have published photos to prove it. It's gotta be said, this looks like one serious beast. Read More >>


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