The Most-Searched-For Things of 2013: Sports and Festivals

There's maybe no more raw glimpse at humanity's exposed underbelly than Google's annual Zeitgeist, a report that shows what we searched for in a given 12 months. This year, Brits' attentions were focussed mostly on two things: sporting events, and live music events. Read More >>

Google's Zeitgeist Report is Here: The All-Seeing Eye Takes a Long, Hard Look Into Britain's Soul

Like a mum trawling through her teenage son's internet history, there's nothing more revealing than peeking under Google's covers at what Britain's been searching for this year. 2012's been eventful, for sure; but what tops the list of fastest-rising search terms? The Olympics? Diamond Jubilee? Why is Apple Maps so terrible? Ah, you wish. Read More >>

Kim Kardashian, The Royal Wedding and X Factor Top Google's Depressing 2011 Search Zeitgeist

Google has compiled a list of the most popular and fastest-growing search terms used in the UK during 2011, revealing that, yes, the entire country has turned into one huge version of the Daily Mail. Read More >>


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