Walking Dead Tribute Beer is Made With Real Brains

The folks at Dock Street Brewing Co. really love beer. They also apparently really love AMC's The Walking Dead. Putting these two loves together was a no-brainer. Or wait. The exact opposite of that. Read More >>

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Sewer-Dwelling Zombie Pranksters Give Pedestrians the Fright of Their Lives

"Adverpranks" are a thing now, it seems. Following in the footsteps of the Carrie coffee shop girl and LG's elevator prank is this new fright-fest to promote the concluding episodes of the latest season of The Walking Dead. Read More >>

This Awesome Oculus Rift Rig is Virtual Laser Tag—With Zombies

The Oculus Rift is already great when you're just sitting down, but it's easy to imagine an awesome future where you walk around with it on. A holodeck on your face. Well, that future's already here. Read More >>

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Watch This Surreal Zombie Crime Video Made By LAPD

The big problem in northeast LA right now is that people keep leaving their car doors unlocked at night and stuff is getting stolen. LAPD's solution? A seven minute DIY zombie movie. Perfect. Read More >>

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Forget the Deals, Black Friday Looks Like the Apocalypse

OK, so we don't get quite the bargains that our American counterparts do over the Black Friday weekend but, when you consider the horror that is 200 people stampeding to get a 10% discount on a microwave, I'm pretty sure it's something we can live without. Read More >>

What TED Talks Will Be Like When the Zombie Apocalypse Arrives

"In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, innovative ideas have become more important than ever. Watch and take note on how to survive the 'human apocalypse' in a special DED Talk presented by a zombie who has seen it all." Read More >>

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Watch People Freak Out When They See Ghosts Inside an iPhone Camera

This prank is such pure evil genius that you can't help but laugh. And feel bad because you'd get freaked out too. Funny man Jack Vale scared the creepy crawly goosebumps out of people by asking strangers to take his picture with his iPhone. Why's that scary? Read More >>

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Finally A Zombie-Fighting Toilet Brush Rifle With Scary Accuracy

As Joerg points out, toilet brushes tipped with nine inch nails are a much-beloved form of ammo on the Slingshot Channel. But the old toilet brush crossbows didn't really have a sighting system. So Joerg got serious and created a toilet brush sniper rifle, complete with telescopic sight, that can shoot with precision from 22 yards. Read More >>

A Weaponised Toilet Brush Crossbow Can Really Clean Up

When Joerg made metal-tipped toilet brushes a couple of months ago I'm pretty sure we were all thinking that they looked pretty tame. Okay, true, they violently annihilated a coconut suspended in ballistic gelatin, but they weren't horrifying, just chillingly effective. But a four shot repeating "monster" crossbow. That would be scary. And that's what we have here. Read More >>

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The Slingshot Madman Has Perfected the Zombie Capture Kit

Some people devote their lives to science, some to religion, some to high finance. And then there's Joerg Sprave, who spends his day-to-day creating zombie-killing slingshot insanity. Or in this case, zombie-capturing slingshot insanity, for when you need to to take them in alive undead. Read More >>

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What the Special Effects Look Like in the Walking Dead

Unlike other shows who sneakily add special effects without you realising, The Walking Dead is so overtly gruesome and bloody and gore-y that we're completely aware that what we see is being spiced up with visual effects. Still, it's awesome to see how the effects are added. Stargate Studios shows off the reel of effects it worked on for this past season 3 of The Walking Dead. Spoiler alerts, obviously. Read More >>

Watch the Canadian Parliament Hilariously Debate the Zombie Apocalypse

That's it, I'm moving to Canada. They know how to have fun. Even in politics! In Canada's House of Commons today, there was an incredible 'debate' about creating an international zombie strategy "so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse." Read More >>

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We're All Doomed -- Zombies Have Invaded CERN

What if the search for the 'God particle' inadvertently caused people to mutate. What if those mutated people suddenly got a lust for flesh, human flesh? Zombies? At CERN? Oh god, this is what the end of the world must look like. Read More >>

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Zombies Could Actually Exist! (Sort of)

The zombie apocalypse would almost certainly be the saddest way for the human race to go. But is it actually possible for us to rise from the dead as a self-cannibalising horde of mindless killers? Well, yes and no. As ASAPScience explains, we might not ever actually come back from the dead and eat each other's brains, but a 28 Days Later-like zombie virus could potentially bring the whole human race down. [ASAPScience] Read More >>

This Fanged Throat-Mouth Horror Lady Just Won Halloween

Sorry, kids. Pack it up. Those little wings do make you look like a fairy, and the wand is a nice touch, but we decided not to have the costume contest this year. Why not? Oh, because this zombie venom throat-mouth is the most ridiculous thing we've ever seen. Read More >>

Slash Through the Zombie Hordes 12 Inches At a Time With This Machete Ruler

It's almost time for kids to start getting their back-to-school gear in order, and even though this fantastic laser-engraved wooden machete ruler will most certainly be instantly confiscated by a teacher, you still need to send your children to school prepared for anything. Read More >>


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