Pop-Up Stereo Mics on Zoom's Q4 Help Ensure Your Videos Sound Good Too

If there's one telltale sign that a video wasn't produced by a professional, it's usually the crappy sound accompanying the footage. The microphones on a smartphone or a cheap camcorder are awful at best, which is why companies like Sony and Zoom are finally releasing models with stereo mics that will help your productions sound a lot less amateur. Read More >>

iOS 7 Finally Lets You Zoom While Recording Video on Your iPhone

Here's an under-reported feature of iOS 7: you can finally zoom in while video recording now. It seems like it could get a little choppy, as you have to pinch to zoom while already recording video but from the looks of the video above shot by 9to5Mac, the results are pretty seamless. Read More >>

This Video Truly Shows the Overwhelming Size of the Universe

Every time I look at the sky in a remote location, far away from cities' light pollution, I marvel at the immensity of the Universe. But this video truly shows how much bigger the Universe is, how impossibly huge. Just watch and look at all those dots turn into galaxies until you reach your destination. Read More >>


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