Spy on Pandas Not Having Sex in Google's Street View Zoo Images

Google's roving backpackers have spent the last few months productively visiting zoos and wildlife parks around the world, with a selection of high-profile animal prisons now available for viewing inside its Street View panorama tool. Read More >>

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Did This Elephant Actually Eat This Poor Tourist's iPhone?

Imagine you're out sight-seeing in Thailand. Whoa! Elephants! Better catch some video with your iPhone. Really hold it out there for a good shot when, haha, he's touching it with his trunk! Aaaand it's gone. Sure, it'd be equal parts hilarious and a bummer if it actually happened, and while that's what this video shows, it's probably (unfortunately) bogus. Read More >>

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Watch As Zoo Keepers Struggle To Contain a Deadly Rhino Piñata

Even zoos have to prepare for worst-case-scenarios, like when an animal escapes its enclosure. But I'm not so sure the paper mache rhinoceros used at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo really drives the point home of how dangerous this could be. Read More >>


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