Zuckerberg Rambling About Nothing for 30 Minutes Earned Facebook £4 Billion

Do you want to know what power is? Power is going up on a stage, yammering about very little for half an hour, and boom, a few days later you company is worth nearly £4 BILLION more than it was a few days ago. Read More >>

Facebook Is About to Start Letting You Edit Your Boneheaded Comments

Attention hasty commenters and people who are friends with them: the benevolent decision-makers at Facebook are doing you a solid; over the next few days, Facebook will be rolling out the ability for users to edit their own comments. Read More >>

Facebook Stock Traded at a Record-Breaking 2.7 Million Shares Per Second

The Facebook IPOcalypse continues, free falling first, now barely recovering. We don't know if it's going to be the most successful opening IPO in history but, right now, it seems they may have broken the record for the fastest traded record in history. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Will Cash In for a Billion Pounds When Facebook Goes Public

Zuck! You ol' devil. As part of Facebook's upcoming IPO you're going to sell 30.2 million shares at a price somewhere between £17 and £22 per share, which we'll just call a billion pounds because it's a nice big round impressive number. Congrats! At least someone's going to be getting rich off of this thing. Read More >>


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