Now You Can Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into the Awesome ZX Spectrum

Are you jonesing for some 80's inspired computer fun on the cheap? Look no further than Paul Dunn's ingenious SpecBAS project, which just rolled out full support for the Raspberry Pi -- your pocket mini-marvel just became a ZX Spectrum, well, minus the tapes, of course. Read More >>

The 100-Strong ZX Spectrum Collection Is Your Manic-Mining Deal of the Day

If you're old enough to remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a small part of your heart will always belong to it and today's top deal will thrill you to bits. If you don't, here's a chance to find out what all the fuss was about. Read More >>

Sir Clive and Saint George United Through Time by Google

Today's Google Doodle has a very British theme, celebrating two very important cornerstones of our modern society -- the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum and St George's Day. Read More >>

The Raspberry Pi Promises to Be the Ultimate Retro Gaming System as This ZX Spectrum Emulator Port Shows

There are loads of things you can do with your Raspberry Pi, once you’ve actually got it in your hands that is. You could turn it into a media centre; use it as a mini web server; build a NAS for streaming media with it, or even pack it full of emulators for the ultimate all-in-one retro-gaming machine. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Read More >>


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